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Bailey, Joanne Motino, Patricia Crane, and Clark E. Nugent (2008), It increases god consumerism in pregnancy and assures that informed choices are being made throughout each stage of labor. The process of writing a birth plan can be an extremely useful tool in discovering birth choices that many families may not have previously considered. Behavior during my pregnancy During my pregnancy I noticed that key to protecting my child is by getting regular prenatal care. At first I had to visit a health care provider where a pregnancy test was done and based on the physical examination to predict my delivery date. Improve my outlook 6. Prepare for my labor 7. Lessen recovery time. I had to sleep lying on my side with my knees bent like was more comfortable position as my pregnancy progressed.

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It also made my heart’s job easier because it keeps the baby’s weight from applying pressure to the large blood vessels. Understanding Listening only goes so far when understanding isn’t attached to it. Make sure when your child speaks, you not only listen, but take the time to understand their thoughts, fears and concerns. iv. Consistency Life is hard enough for little ones to acclimate to without a barrage of ever-changing rules. Practice consistency, both in their routine and in expectations. Successful parents don’t go it alone. Successful parents try harder. Successful parents enjoy being parents. Successful parents strive to be the person they want their children to become. Qualities that may interfere with the ability to be a good parent 1. Social and emotional development, recognizing our emotions, having some control over them, having empathy for others, handling conflict well, and making good choices about personal social behavior.

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Sacrifices for having a child 1. Sacrifice sleep- and not just in the infant stages. With kids who are bursting to wake up with the sun, I long for one lazy day where I can sleep, in my bed, in my house. Sacrifice travel- some couples have no problem travelling long distances for extended times without their kids. He developed the ecological system theory to explain how everything in a child and the child’s environment affects how a child grows and develops. He labeled different aspects or levels of the environment that influence children’s development including: Microsystems, mesosystem, exosystem and macrosystem. Cost of raising a child to the age of 18 The cost of raising a child is usually determined according to a formula that accounts for major areas of expenditure, such as food, housing and clothing.

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However, any given family’s actual expenses may differ from the estimates. The annual LV= ( Liverpool Victoria) cost of a child report calculates the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 yrs. Your children will be super responsible. While being a single parent means that you will have to handle almost all the work by yourself, it also means that you will teach your children will learn to be responsible for their actions at a young age. Undivided attention. As the child of a single parent, your little one will get all your undivided attention, without the worry of your love and attention getting divided between you and your spouse. You’ll not be dependent on others. Disciplining your children might be a problem. Often, even as you face the repercussion or loss of your relationship, your child too will have trouble in adjusting to the new status of being the child of a single parent.

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Negativity in your children. Every child is different, and the way your child may react to your single parent status may not be what you had anticipated earlier.

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