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Pandey and Gaurav (127-128) claim a movie forms the foundation of ideas that manipulate people’s mind. Also, it is arguably one of the methods of entertainment that the media uses to reach out to viewers. In understanding all the concepts of movies, it is vital to analyze the essential elements. A movie is a recorded moving picture which narrates a story from a written text. The connection between film and literature is close. Despite the incident of racial discrimination dominating in the movie released in 2011, the current occurrences are not the same as compared to what happened in the 1960s. Nevertheless, in 2018, a story published by Lee and Park reflected on the increasing cases of police officers killing black people in prison.

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The latest incident in 2018 in Dallas, a police officer fatally shot Shem Botham; the incident led to nationwide demonstrations. In other high profile killings, police officers explained the reason behind the shooting of 8 people out of 15. Six of the other officers were charged while one jailed. Therefore, watching the movie; one can easily connect and link with the current events to interpret. Gender inequality in the current American society still exists; however, a lot of progress has been made. For example, a report by Pew Research Center revealed in 2018, the gender gap in salaries has reduced since 1980. According to the report, 85 percent of women in 2018 earned the same amount of money as compared to men. Whereas in 2017, women earned 80 percent as equated to what men made.

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It is arguably a double aged sword since the scenes can mean to glorify the acts while if well interpreted then it is a warning to the viewers to desist from similar such acts. The scenes depicting gender inequality, class, and racial discriminations are strong messages which are not allowed in the current American world. The constitution stipulates that any form of discrimination violates fundamental human rights. In this case, the powerful messages can negatively or positively influence viewers. The issues underlined in The Help film are sensitive, and also one needs to have a clear analysis of the movie to be able to identify the themes. For example, in the case pitting Plessy against Fergusson, the legal authority targeted for equality.

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The isolation was also evident in schools; the buses they rode in addition to separate washrooms. In the Help film, racism theme is captured when Minny wanted to use a bathroom that belonged to her white boss. In the final scene, there is a sign indicating the other bathrooms meant for the blacks. The incident is regrettable since Minny was in charge of the washroom but could not use the facility despite spending most of the time cleaning. Contrary, black women viewed a home as a public space, and they have to work out to ensure they deserve respect all together with fairness since it is a place of work. Aibileen is always fighting racial injustice through the upbringing of children.

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The movie targeted to change the way women and children perceived their rights and also the fight for equality. In the movie, I think, Skeeter reveals how white men also fought to protect their status in the community. The white men always wanted to toil in the work stations to continue dictating. Skeeter asks Aibileen how it feels for her taking care of a white child while her own is at home and looked by someone else. She elaborates that taking care of whites children is her profession and she perfectly executes her duties and responsibilities. In another scene, there is a clip of a maid who asks white couples if they can lend her money to take care of college fees for her boy.

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The white couples rejected her request. Despite the nasty as well as uncaring response, she continued with her daily routine tasks. Also, Ceelia Rae in the clip tells Minny that she will not manage to work for some days since she cannot explain to the husband. The husband will perceive her as a lazy woman who cannot perform ladies related duties. Minny is also seen mourning the death of her baby and then she laments her frustration that the husband will dump her if she fails to give him a baby. Lastly, Skeeter is perceived as a pillar for the revolution in the movie. She uses a print media form, to write a book on the racial injustices across the Southern region.

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