Schizophrenia Patient Case Study

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The patient presents with paranoia where she feels that her husband wants to kill her. Her schizophrenia symptoms are manifested by the positive signs of delusions of grandeur (where she believes she is Allah) and association (the TV is talking to her) among others. She presents with paranoia when she feels that her husband wants her dead so as to marry an American wife. These symptoms are not linked to any medical conditions (all tests are normal) and are not associated with drug abuse. Decision 1 The available options for the management of the client were; Zyprexa10 mg orally at bedtime, starting Invega sustenna 234 mg intramuscular followed by 156 intramuscular on day 4 and monthly thereafter and Abilify 10 mg orally at bedtime. The outcomes that were reported following the administration of the initial dosage of the injection was expected.

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There was good tolerance to the medication and a significant reduction in the patient's PANNS score which indicates an improvement in the patient's symptoms. The resulting weight gain was expected as a commonly occurring side effect of the medication and was minimal. The pain on the injection site could be alleviated by changing the injection site to the deltoid which is a preferred injection site for Invega Sustenna to ensure patient comfort. Decision 2 The available options for the patient were, to maintain the injection with a shift on the injection site to the deltoid, stop the medication and start Haldol Decanoate50 mg IM with oral Haldol 5mgBID for 3 months or continue Invega injections on deltoid and add abilify maintena 300mg monthly with monthly oral Abilify 10 mg in the morning for 2 weeks.

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