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I could watch how he examined and provided medical care to other children which interested me. Unfortunately, he was involved in a car accident and passed on. My passion for caring for others grew strong, and I aspired to become a medical specialist like him one day to retain his legacy. Science fascinated me and always wanted to how the body functioned. I decided to follow my passion which was to pursue a course in the medical field to gain the required skills. I understand that doctors and nurses are faced with the challenge of creating a work balance due to their busy work schedules. The job also requires resilience and determination to succeed. I interned in different healthcare units and in a general floor that provided respiratory care to adults and pediatric patients to understand how they cope up with the pressure and remain focused.

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I also interned in a sleep lab for a sleep study and at an asthma treatment center for special kids. The experience helped me learn how they maintain the balance and remain focused on their work. *Please provide a statement detailing the leadership positions you have held. You should discuss your responsibilities within such positions and relevant skills and qualities you used and/or developed.   (300 words maximum) During the community respiratory awareness programs for junior kids with asthma, I was selected to lead our group. My responsibilities included ensuring that every member contributed towards the course and that every kid that attended the event was helped. I also oversaw the management of finances, which was done by the group’s treasurer, to ensure that the program was a success.

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My home country Kenya is close to the equator, and thus experiencing winter and summer was new to me. I was used to the wet and dry season. The environment was also different. Everything in Texas is big from food to road transport infrastructure. Third, the American cowboy/cowgirl dress code and ways of living were also new to me but later adapted to the new lifestyle. (250 words) I come from an average family background and luxuries have not been part of my life. My father runs a grocery shop to pay for my school fees while my mum works as a kindergarten teacher. I have had to help my father when not at school to meet my needs. As a result, my self-esteem is usually low esteem when interacting with students from other neighborhoods.

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