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In the UK, the church has over 800 Salvation Army parishes and more than 54, 000 members (Hattersley, 2017). Here, in Huston, Texas, salvation army was by captain Hattie. B. Savage and the other three women. The church activities are done in a unique manner unlike other protestant churches, they wear a military-style uniform, but they still accept some of its members to undertake some of its activities with informal clothing. This one of the factors that led me doing my volunteering service to Salvation army, the did a miraculous work during Hurricane Harvey. Also I so it has a great opportunity for me to get involved with an organization that gives support to our community. In Houston, the Salvation Army has several programs, that facilitate their vision to assist the needy in society.

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they have two services on Sunday and as well usually have Saturday women service, and have ministers who are invited on weekly basis to speak to them. Salvation Army has a program where they pick kids from school around the city to their residential area at about $15 a week. the main reason why salvation Army volunteers do not give out food on the last month of the year, December is that instead of food to the needy family they give Christmas gifts to the older people in the community. After checking those legible for the food pantry, we proceed to give them numbers and because some many of them are eligible and the availability to be donated every Friday is 80, they used the criteria of fist come first serve.

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People come very earlier, 3hrs before the activity took place to secure a chance to take some food. In case, the number of those attend are less, they fix on how to divide among them. after giving the number to the eligible individuals, we move to bagged the food in bags, and get the job done in the shortest time. If it wasn’t for The Salvation Army most of these things probably wouldn’t have been possible. I was happy to be able to help the team to carry out the events and activity successful and the hope and comfort to many families that get shelter and food through the charitable program. I also learned that there are needs for more college students to be attending such volunteering to facilitate the work.

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