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She attempts to study their way of life socially, politically and economically since they laid a foundation to the modern day Canada and how the past and the present are associated. (Carter, 18). Economically they they practiced agriculture with the evidence of berries and rice being sold in their markets. They also practiced hunting and gathering buffaloes and sold their meat and skins. They were also traders evidenced by the routes to and from their village which were used for transportation of goods produced. The military was also advanced. The end of the second world war brought with it a number of challenges which include a rise in population which resulted in erosion of morals and a rise in wickedness. (Gordon,481). Wickedness in the increased due to large number of foreigners who immigrated into pioneer.

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Modernity also brought with it challenges such as erosion of morals. A newspaper article showed that infrastructural development also came as a result of clearing forests and agricultural land. (Gordon, 482). The formation of the first pioneer village. This began when the MTRCA received an offer of 55 acres comprising of a house and a cabin that had been around for nearly one and a half centuries before. (Gordon, 483). (Gordon, 484). The pioneer village led desperate efforts to conserve the past which was in contrast with the modernization that was going on outside leading to an influx of tourists despite the constant criticism of this type of life. People preferred to raise their families in the village rather than in the crowded older cities as one would own a home on a private piece of land.

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The pioneer village supported a variety of economic activities that included: blacksmithing, coopering and other domestic activities such as baking and cooking. (Gordon, 485). This is a notion that later changed when women became bold enough to ask for the right to own homes. (Gordon, 486). The pioneer village also started adopting the use of automobiles unlike previously when they only depended on horses and walking in response to several complaints that the village was inaccessible, complaints that were later confirmed by a journalist, Bruce West who toured the area before this improvement, and the village was opened up to the public. (Gordon, 487). Aiding consumer capitalism. (Gordon, 488). Although the pioneer village was meant to be a representation of the past, it was far from perfect.

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It had several a number of services that many typical villages elsewhere did not have with the only exception being a village doctor. It therefore does not tell the whole story of Canadian aboriginal aspect, telling only a partial aspect. The village existed in order to be a representation of the past way of life to both the past and present generations since memory’s functioning depends on past events. Women were not only relied upon for intermarriage and therefore fostering relationships but they were also relied upon for their skills and agendas both economically and diplomatically. (Carter, 48). Outbreak of European disease epidemic. He makes no reference to disease epidemic in the pioneer village. On the other hand Sara carter tells of a disease epidemic among the Aboriginal people was brought about by European settlers who brought with them smallpox.

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