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The basic needs of the market that Smith will serve are flexible-centric dentistry style, offering high-quality cosmetic enhancements. Company Description Shama Dental Health is a nonprofit organization that provides public health services such as dental treatment and other created health services to the citizens of Manhattan in the US. The organization has been in existence for the last five years with over 300 employees. Shama Dental health is a regional leader in providing public health education in different ways. They assist people to know the importance of healthy lifestyles options. Shama dental health was formed after functionless, sweaty and always blood stained crucible of the makeshift. The phrase "Shama "holds a special place in the hearts of locals who feel are closely associated with it.

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The phrase Shama" reminds them of the humble and simple, the goodness of being alive in position to serve. Mission Shama Dental care's mission is to offer the finest dental care. The organization exists to attract and keep customers. In this case, the organization practices the dental services in overall and also participates in the general health of the people. This is major a major competitor to Shama dental health since it also carries out almost similar services. Action heath Centre is also a major competitor of Shamal Dental Health since it also specializes in cosmetic in addition to dental treatment and professional counseling of the general public and health specialists. This is the exact services offered by Shama dental health.

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However, Shama dental health aims at overcoming or standing up in this strong competition by use of different approaches. This segment views dental work as the only and convenient way to improve their looks. These senior type always have an estimated income of over 55, 0000 USD annually which is got from in retirement and household savings. This segment entails almost all retirees and their day is always unoccupied or if any then less. This makes them spend most of their time on leisure activities Comparison Shama dental health offers dental services and professional health care services to general public. Sharif healthcare also offers dental services which cover all the segments of people which include the adult and the seniors. Listing services offered by the organization and its uniqueness is part of what is indicated in the advertisement campaign.

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Free informational seminars that the organizations intend to offer is also another method aimed at increasing visibility. This will be through community-based organizations. These seminars are organized meetings where people can go and access more and detailed information regarding Cosmetics, and also access individual consultation at no charge (Campbell, M. A. The next method will be via informal seminars used to train consumers and also increase visibility for Shama Dental Heath. The final communication method is a networked campaign that the CEO/Founder embarks on creating relations and allies that he has created within the organization the CEO belongs to. Media Mix Shama Dental Health entails the approaches below to distribution, customer service, pricing, and promotion. Pricing: The target market is not too complicated.

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No matter the situation, prices will be competitive with same services. To some level, this is part of their competitive advantage of consumer service; though, the degree of organizational attention on flexibility is so significant and important to note. Market Needs Shama Dental Health is offering its customers with general dental services also a large section of cosmetic enhancements. The flexibility of the services will grant Shama Dental Health to acquire market share. Below are the benefits significant for customers. Section. al, January 01, 2015). Market growth In 2003, cosmetic dental enhancement market reached over $7600 million in sales. With the advancement in technology, new innovative procedures emerge, more people get services, costs scale down and advancement happens as a result of technology improvement and experience.

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The total market is expected to grow at 8% for the next five years (New Strategist Publications, Inc. The major driver of growth is technology. This can be illustrated by the organization is concentrating on developing the niche. The organization started from zero level to a very high level. This has been attributed to several factors including good customer services Services Shama Dental Health offers both common improvements involving majorly of cleaning and filings and also advancements of cosmetics. The total cost for improvement is estimated to be $98, at a particular interval X-rays require to be occupied that will raise the costs. The cost of filing depends on the materials available. A. , Hunt, J. M. , Walker, D. , & Williams, R. New Strategist Publications, Inc.

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