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A substantial number of items that people use in their daily activities including cars, laptops, bags, clothes, houses and so many other things are related to art. Art is a very critical aspect in our daily life, and it is not only based on the items that we find in tourism attractions or museums. Various countries have plenty of famous monuments or sculpture which, is the great symbol of the state. Arts is a crucial aspect for tourist attraction, and this becomes an income generating activity for the country. Art is part of culture and culture is one of the most straightforward methods in which, the government can convey their agenda or messages to its citizens. Even though the arts sector only receives a small amount of general federal funding, the government still insist that there are more pressing needs that require federal government funding rather than arts.

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The argues that funding arts are like transferring resources from the poor to the wealthy citizens (Greenbalt 581-604). The exposure to arts has a significant impact on how students perform both at school, symphonies, theatre and Museums which, helps to bolster the local economies. Various leaders and institutions such as, civic leaders and local politicians who serve on art boards are aware of the impact of arts, and they provide robust support to the art sector. Various local government and cash-strapped state are cutting public and school arts programs due to lack of funds. The arts sectors are vital financial assets because it attracts tourism revenues, stabilises the value of the property, stimulates business activities and maintains a high quality workforce (Borgonovi, O'Hare 21-36).

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Arts is one of the common sustainable and successful strategy for revitalising inner cities, rural areas and the population that is suffering from poverty. Arts is also an essential part of the education assets where it facilitates the performance of children at school and fosters the young imaginations. The arts provide strong skills such as communication, critical thinking, and innovation skills that are necessary to a productive workforce. Arts is part of the civic catalysts where it creates a desirable life quality and a place that has a welcoming sense. According to an analysis of National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the artists are 3. 5 times more likely to be self-employed compared to other workers (NEA n. p). Arts makes a critical foundation for small business and nonprofit organisation that plays a significant role in training and nurturing creative workers and incubating artistic enterprises.

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Arts Are the Critical Hallmark of State Innovation and The Economy Arts are considered to be an essential part of the spurring innovation and creative capacity of the country. The government should find significant ways to support the arts sectors even during difficult times. Public officials should adopt the necessary policies that maximise the recovery potential of a country and utilise every asset during difficult times. The government should support arts because they are critical recovery aspects that stimulate commerce, supports employment, provide economic benefits and stabilises the property values. Apart from the several economic advantages, arts also provide tremendous assistance social and educational challenges that tend to deteriorate during difficult times. Arts are also essential aspects of community resiliency. Arts enhances strong democracy and community participation by strengthening the ability of the community members to dramatise issues, having a clear view of problems, ability to illustrate viewpoint and to inspired actions.

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Most people who engage in arts activities are more likely to participate in other momentous aspects on community sustainability such as, volunteering and voting. Arts play a significant role in capturing American experiences and enhancing public dialogue. Arts fosters social capital, empower community members, build resiliency and strengthen interpersonal ties which, are essential in nurturing the community’s collective efficacy to address various problems such as poverty. The Impact of the Federal Government Support On Arts The federal government support has a tremendous impact on the arts industry. The federal government will ensure they have specialised expertise who possess skills related to creative cultural planning and business development. The skills will be essential in providing sound stewardship of resources and position the state arts agencies to provide necessary skills and training that will be of benefit to the arts community, private sectors and other branches of government.

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The artists form a significant foundation for the creative environment in the country where they act as individual entrepreneurs and creators who provides numerous designs that shape the country’s characters and designs and products that drive innovation. Some so many artists also work as trainers where they train other people on creative skills and pass the cultural traditions from one generation to another. There are very few programs in both the private and public sectors that support arts. " The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society (2017): 34-46. Alliance, American Arts. Federal Funding of the Arts Should Not End. Free Speech. Michigan: Greenhaven Press, 2000. " Australian Review of Public Affairs ( 2013): 1–19. Livingstone, Josphine. "Why Are Americans So Hostile to State-Funded Art?" 26 May 2017. The New Republic.

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