Should the US Continue the Use of Drone Strikes

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One of the essential elements in that the pilot mans on the ground and that it does not tire. Only those manning on the ground keeps on changing. These planes can also transfer visual data to the people or person manning it. The American drones started as spy tool and ended as assassin tools. Only two government organizations, the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), possess authority to authorize drone attacks with permission from the president. Countries like Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, and Mali rarely operate against these groups (Should n. p). In such situation, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle under the guide of superior intelligence offers direct response whenever needed. That more of a good reason to use the drones.

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The former director also believed that death rate from terror attacks rise higher than that of civilians. This state occurs when the groups' priced individual and leaders get taken out. The killing of a leader or person who offers skills, resources or network blocks their efficiency including the capability to continue their rate of terror as previously. One of the aims of the drones includes killing people offering any form of help to the terrorist groups. By the end of 2012, the American government stated that they killed not less than 20 significant leaders of the Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan (Johnson & Sarbahi 4). The Group facing leadership decapitation possessed the high chance of becoming less lethal and could get easily defeated as they continue growing weak.

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The mines, shells, mortars, and Bombs caused extensive damage to property and people than the unmanned drones. About 174-1,047 innocent people died in Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen after America began operating drone strikes after the September 1 (U. S n. p). The attacks using drones included missile attacks, ground activities, and airstrikes. p). They stay on the station from 15 to 20 hours without adding refuel in comparison to 1or 2 hours of a fighter plane (Should n. p). These planes use fuel amounting to 100 gallons of in each flight compared to 1,000 to 3,000 gallons for fighter plane without fuel (Should n. p). Their sensor data gets sent to stationed and mobile receiver instantly. Drones give numerous benefits compared to ordinary methods in challenging terrorism world.

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The basing remains a great distance away from the place of interest allowing less time wastage on the station. These unmanned planes contain greater mobility as compared to the ground capability. The drone’s sensors seem more useful in identifying and pursuing an enemy. The Al-Qaeda movement does not represent a state or nation group and hence cannot get stated as involved in an IAC with America (Grove n. p). The United States seems to neither fight a dangerous uprising or another type of sustained, perilous conflict with al-Qaeda wholly within United States boundary, regardless of these terrorist open intention to attack the country. Nevertheless, America got involved in armed frictions with the terror group. The insecurity matter got more complicated because al-Qaeda and its ally forces decided not live in their confined areas of Pakistani’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Afghanistan, but they took their activities to other countries in Africa and the Middle East.

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p). However, since those who oppose the use of the drones failed to create set standards that can effectively fight the risk posed by the stateless terror movements, the United States, and other countries seem right in resisting the existing threat while struggling to comply with the stated international laws (Grove n. p) On the hand, some people disagree with the application of these planes on the battle. The operations faced Quite-vociferous opposition (Kreps & Kreps 47). A significant number of nongovernment organizations including amnesty international and United Nation seem concerned that the United States aims their targets in a method that they deem extrajudicial killings and pushing international boundary rules. The Heritage Foundation. https://www. heritage. org/terrorism/report/drone-strikes-the-legality-us-targeting-terrorists-abroad Johnson, Patrick.

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