Smart phones have caused moral decadence

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Millions of people use smartphones today which has enhanced communication in very many ways. Many people have been affected by the invention of smartphones which has proved various impacts on morality and behavior of human beings. The creation of the digital era has been facilitated by the introduction and extensive use of smartphones in the society (Jyoti, et al). This paper thus seeks to negate the proposition that’ smartphones have caused moral decadence’ whereby it will discuss some of the importance of smartphones in society. Use of smartphones has contributed significantly to the field education. Students moreover, can surf through the internet where they get answers on different subjects and topics. They also get information regarding their studies, and for example, a student will easily assess their portal and check for assignments and deliver their done works on time (Fuxin, and Conway, 831-839).

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The extensive use of social media today has enhanced communication and raise it on a higher level. Communication of late is very much different from the analog communication which was not so effective. The introduction of smartphones which have different current features such as cameras has initiated online virtual communication for example two people can communicate virtually and see each other on their smartphone screens while communicating. People can, therefore, access the apps and utilize them from their smartphone to live healthily (Emmanuel, et al). The healthcare sector thus appreciates the invention and introduction of smartphones in the world today. There are many people with a high demand for a healthy living who understand and use them for different health purposes (Matthew, 24-30).

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Many people use smartphones today to enhance some of their life practices and facilitate whatever they need to do. People can now check their emails and reply through smartphones. The smartphones will enable and individuals to access anything and connect to different servers such as Wi-Fi and other internet platforms. Since people depend on the internet to do things such as hotel and accommodation reservations, bookings and examinations, communication and for business purposes. The smartphone technology for example now is advanced with internet connections such as the2G, 3G and 4G which enable a faster internet connection which people use in their daily lives to operate and access online platforms and apps. For example, most of the communication apps require internet connection such as WhatsApp and telegram.

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