Smoking Cessation in Australia

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There are a restriction or regulatory reforms which has been posted by the government on a cigarette: one is referred to restricting cigarette packaging to be plain and the other one is increases of tobacco prices which is administered through incremental excise taxes growths. There are three characteristics of markets which are being observed through these two policies: Prices, smoking rates and the share of the markets (Davidson, Sinclair, and Ashton 2018:55). From the study, the results indicate that Australia was among the countries to initiate the tobacco restriction techniques on the consumption, the government has many options for policy measures which are corresponding to the prices or the non-price regulatory focus. Mandating that the packs are of a color which is not appealing and the warning for health as well as the brand are indicated together. All the requirement were imposed in the Australian market in 2012 December and has been adopted by other countries across the globe (Collins, David, and Helen 1994:87). The figure above is an indication of the cigarette and tobacco subgroups for the consumer price index in Australia following the tobacco reforms (Davidson, Sinclair, and Ashton 2018:55). The data was derived from the Australian Bureau of the statistic. The table shows the rise in the prices of tobacco due to the reforms. Therefore people have been able to reduce the amount of smoking resulting from the high excise duty imposed on the product and some shifting to some cheaper brand while others altogether migrate to the roller tobacco which is traditional.

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That policy has enabled Australia to reduce the amount of smoking and the shrinking of the tobacco market share (Collins, David, and Helen 1994:87). while ten years ago it was $5. While in Sydney the average price in 2014 was $15. in five years ago it was $7. and in the last decade of 2004, it was $5. Therefore the consumption is very low in these cities compared to the other parts of the world where the prices are very low like my country Singapore which has an average cost of $9. Explain the idea of cost versus benefit when making decisions. Use this idea to analyse as to why: the cost benefits analysis has five processes: Brainstorming cost that is associated with project while making the list, then the benefits for the project are also listed as well as the lifetime of the project under whose cost are being analyzed (Davidson, Sinclair, and Ashton 2018:55).

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Next, assigning monetary values to cost identified earlier. They consist of the physical resources that are required and the human efforts costs during the stages of the project. Continue to think about the costs that shall be incurred. The direct costs of the cessation of a smoking program that the government incurs. The cost of lost revenue informs of tax to the retailers and the public sector. As well as the distributors as smokers would have quit smoking and no longer procure cigarette (Alchin, 1992:77). The benefits associated with the cost is the reduction of the government health expenditures. Reduction of the premature deaths. Finally, in this essay you must answer the implications of the topic by answering the following questions based on the above article: (i) what does this article argue about the effectiveness of plain packaging of cigarettes in reducing smoking rates? And, (ii) what ramifications and implications are drawn by this research? The plain packaging of cigarette is effective in reducing the prevalence of smoking through its innovativeness as it combines two regulatory areas of activities which is health warning and advertising.

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The policy is important in public health through discouraging individuals from using the products of tobacco, is an incentive for cigarette quitting, by shunning products of tobacco, reducing the exposure to smoking and tobacco products (Davidson, Sinclair, and Ashton 2018:55). The implication of the research is that should the aims or objectives be achieved then there would be a sudden decline in the rate of smoking since the current smokers have the higher propensity for quitting smoking as well as the would-be smokers are less likely to pick the smoking habits. Through the law of demand and supply, should the smoking demand drop then the price of cigarette would decline. Work Cited Alchin, Terry.

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