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SR Success Lego Group Named the leading company in SR last year, Lego is a private family-owned business. Moreover, the organization is also a leader in the toys’ manufacturing industry and has commanded a lot of attention due to its stellar performance and duties (Strauss, 2018). Correspondingly, the business focuses on several areas in executing its SR activities. These areas are: innovating for children; environmental leadership; caring, ethical, and transparent; and policies and reporting. In innovating for children, Lego promotes creativity and innovation in children through the Lego System in Play. The company also has a system known as ‘the Lego way’ in which workers are expected to conduct their duties (Lego, 2015). To be a supplier for the company, it is critical to ensure that workers are given fair treatment and work in conducive environments.

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Finally, in policies and reporting, the company is committed to the United Nations Global Compact since 2003 and has been following the 10 principles stipulated. Moreover, the company publishes a responsibility report while adhering to the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) (Lego, 2015). Publishing annual reports show the transparency that the company is not afraid of public scrutiny, and is committed to high standards. Although the company states that it is concerned with emission levels, it is evident that minimizing operational costs takes precedence, since it was being sued for environmental destruction. The company recycles its waste products, which also include vehicles and other wastes, in its cycle. Correspondingly, in engagement, the company partakes in cultural projects nationally and internationally. The projects aim at improving modern art and education through festivals and online education.

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