Song dynasty time period

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In north China, the major source of fuels for iron furnaces and ceramic kilns was transformed from wood to coal. There were many innovations that were facilitated during the dynasty period, innovations that greatly improved the country’s economy and standards of individuals in the country than the previous period. During the song dynasty time, there were great commercial connections with the global market. Traders were involved in overseas trade via investments in business operations and trade where they were able to reach ports in many parts of the world. Through this period, the first banknote which was printed paper money was introduced, an aspect that was considered as the begging of world development. There was a great improvement in the commercial and agriculture revolution in China during this song period.

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The farmers were able to experience massive wealth and production increase during this time. For hundreds of years, the dynasties of Chinese had needed peasants to do free physical work for the government every year. This was the time when China was able to build roads and great wall. Most individuals spent most of their life working for the government. There are different factors that led to an increase in production. Technological innovation is considered to be the major factor that facilitates an increase in farming where there were numerous innovations that were designed to improve the agriculture sector. The economic development of China during song dynasty was normally marked through introduction of improved farm tools, fertilizers, and seeds. The song inherited a method of farming that involved plowing whereby they improved them into a curved iron plow.

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The innovated plow was normally strong steel, able and effective for cutting roots and reeds in wetlands. R. M. A. N. F. There was no other country globally that had strong civilization like that of China during the Song dynasty period. Besides farming and the introduction of paper money, there was great technology innovation that was being facilitated in China. The China cities were overflowing at the seams with trade and merchants. There were different products that were being traded during the period. Silks and porcelain are the product that most of the traders were trading. This was an aspect that greatly improved the country’s economy since there were many traders coming to the country during the period. This aspect was usually facilitated by the good management of the country by the emperor and the government.

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During the period, the country was under the military power, who were controlling security in the country (Murck, A. Over the years, the country was peaceful where farmers and traders were able to conduct their business operations securely without any challenge. In order to improve the overseas trade and increase the government profits through imported products, the government was able to introduce a maritime trade supervisorate in 971 at Guangzhou. A. N. F. Introduction of paper money was important in the country especially to the traders since it was easier to conduct trade business operations. Paper money, Handicraft industry, agriculture, and commerce were greatly improved and they are factors that are considered to be the main influence for growth in the economy.

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