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Therefore, a company opting for an intern was breaking new ground. Due to the breaking of new ground, I was employed as an intern at Sterling Crane. The company being centralized, the headquarters of Sterling Crane was Edmonton thus the responsibilities to be handled from there were many. I was assigned to the Corporate Controller but due to the fact that, he was off duty for a week, I had to report to the Sub Controller. As an intern, there is a need to be guided and work under someone so that you can adapt to the company. I familiarized myself with the software. Besides, on the side of abilities, I learned to be diligent and punctual at work in order to meet deadlines, being independent and timely to work.

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I had to make sure that I adhered to the rules and regulation of the company thus at long last I learned to be responsible. Despite that, I had to learn that, the confidentiality of any company is essential to daily operations and in the workplace. Through the skills and guidance, I understood that keeping the confidentiality of a company is essential. When the following essentials come in an organization it may change people spiritual competence, spiritual character, spiritual consideration, spiritual courage and spiritual wise communication. Paying a close attention to Sterling Crate, the supervisor is Christian by faith and attended a christening university. Regardless of the supervisor being a true Christian the work environment was secular on the paper but in the real sense, the Christian faith applies to the latter.

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The virtue of honesty and trust is greatly applied in the Christian faith and it also applies in the work setting in the organization. Therefore, Christian faith forms the basis of the company. I were introduced to them and am in a position to efficiently use them. Finally, I was not in a position to achieve a reconciling payment. I was introduced to it but due to time fact, I was not in a position to complete. In overall, I benefitted a lot from the accounting department because the concepts that I was not introduced to are the few. I can operate on that software that I was introduced to. The work of the controller is quite detailed. The controller is actually more than just been a cruncher, but he or she is the analyzer, disseminator as well as interpreter of different financial statement to relevant parties.

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On top of that, the controller takes part in reporting, planning, budgeting among others thus being a post that cannot be linked to anyone. It needs to have historian due to the fact that it needs a lot of sacrifice in case of timeliness when accuracy is needed. Nevertheless, the functions of the controller are not restricted to financial and eventually accounting departments. This gave me the opportunity to develop the virtue of being independent of the tasks I performed in the company. Last but not least, the Corporate Controller was a hands-free supervisor and gave me a lot of authority in that he had given me a cubicle where I used to work in order to avoid many disturbances and to concentrate fully.

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