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The paper also reviews how this company has responded to its mission and vision and the extent to which human resources strategies are aligned and, outline what the company may do to improve this. SABIC is a leading manufacturing company of petrochemicals. It is one of the largest Companies in the world and is publicly traded. SABIC is one of the most profitable non-oil companies found in the Middle East. Its headquarters is located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. T & I devices are spread throughout the world, with the Company’s scientists playing a key role in the continuing invention of new chemicals and certifications. SABIC Mission and Vision The company prefers to be the global leader in manufacturing chemicals. Its mission entails providing quality goods and services responsibly, by utilizing its expertise and innovative ways to achieve stakeholders’ goals (Alperowicz, 2010).

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The Company's core value is integrity which is meant to create, inspire and deliver the mission and vision. The Company's standard is to incorporate both the natural resources and human talent in innovating new chemicals. SABIC continues to maintain a solid and strong relationship with its customers, which is in line with the sustainability goal. The leadership of performance and Management approach The company utilizes this approach in a planned and a direct way which has necessitated its growth. The management is responsible for running the company guided by the company's goals and strategies. The company has recognized that the management approach is the best way to achieving its strategic goals. The management has implemented the strategies planned in 2006 which has continued to increase the company's growth.

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Focusing on production processes is good in addition to the end result as asserted by Aslib & Information Management International (1989); as it ensures that each process is taken seriously by the employees involved. The planned changes in the organization have been well articulated to meet the company's goals. SABIC hires qualified employees who meet the job requirements. Additionally, those who qualify for the jobs, they are regularly trained to ensure they cope with the changing technologies (Alsaeed, 2006). Jobs are also annually analyzed in the company whereby employees are reminded of their roles. The company’s mission involves effectiveness; SABIC needs to be effective to its stakeholders to achieve profit. SABIC has invested in employees’ retention by ensuring that all workers are satisfied with their jobs and also work under good conditions (Aguinis, 2013).

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