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The report will outline the Resort’s internal strengths and weaknesses. It will also present the firm’s external opportunities and threats. The report will also present a PESTEL analysis for the firm and this will discuss essential aspects which affect Deltin Resort namely political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. In addition, the report will present the firm’s vision, mission, core values, commitment towards corporate social responsibility, objectives, and strategic direction. Further, it will illustrate Deltin Resort’s competitive advantage, stakeholder value creation, business strategy for the next two years, and positioning strategy. (W1, OP2): Modern technology means increased cost of technical innovation. Appropriate location (S1, OP2)(S4,OP2): The firm is located in an appropriate location which can enhance the experiences and satisfaction of its customers.

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(W3, OP2)(W3,OP1): Suitable location requires additional structures. Increasing globalization which increases tourists and travelers (S4, OP3) (S2, OP3): Globalization increases the number of people moving from country to another. (W3, OP3)(W4, OP3): Application of layoffs during low season when tourists are not in large numbers. Negative influence on international relations. ii). Potential terrorist attacks on the accommodation facilities The process of tourism involves economic costs. i). Tourist opinions keep varying. Terrorists might attack Deltin Resort and damage its structures and cause loss of lives. This scares away potential clients and results to loss of company assets. Tourists incur costs and these are transferred to the government when it develops infrastructure to encourage tourist visits. This may increase the level of taxation rates.

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i). ii). The increasing demand to be sensitive towards the environment has made Deltin Resort to invest heavily in environment conservation measures and this has affected the firm’s profitability margin. i). The government rules and regulations about the operations of the hotels limits Deltin Resort from engaging in various activities (Ryan, 2015). ii). The firm is also looking at increasing its market share in the hospitality and hotel sector. The customers have the opportunity to ask the Deltin Resort’s wait staff to recommend a specific meal or to accommodate a certain dietary restriction. Smart Goals (end of year 4) Expected Result Possible variance Reason for variance Smart Goals (end of year 5) Marketing Increase guest satisfaction from 62% to 67% 65% -2% Within the acceptable margin Increase guest satisfaction from 65% to 72% Operations Increase public awareness from 37.

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07% to 42. 07% -2% Within the acceptable margin. This strategy involves targeting a small group of clients through the use of differentiated products and services (Frynas & Mellahi, 2011). In addition, the strategy needs the provision of distinct features which fulfill the demands in a narrow market. • The focused-differentiated strategy is appropriate for Deltin Resort because it can differentiate various products and services by branding them (Gamble et al. This will assist in increasing the firm’s market share considerably. • The hotel has a higher bargaining power than its competitors. Deltin Resort Perceptual Mapping Marketing Mix for Positioning Strategy In Deltin Resort’s marketing mix, the product mix means that the hotel will stay innovative in providing its services. The price mix will mean that it embraces a diverse nature and characters of foods and considering the customer’s spending power and willingness (Gupta et al.

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In terms of place mix, Deltin Resort is properly located. For its promotion mix, the firm will engage in publicity, telemarketing, and advertisement to enhance its awareness and market share. Appropriate Advertising Expenditure The graph below indicates the level of public awareness for Deltin Resort in the past three years and includes the projection for the next two years. Conclusion From the report, it is evident that Deltin Resort has various strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities which should be given consideration when requiring extension of its contract which has expired. Its PESTEL analysis also reveals that the firm is appropriately structured in its context. It is also evident that Deltin Resort has a clear vision, mission, core values, and CSR compliance system.

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