Strategic Leadership and Future Leaders in US

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The study aimed at identifying three best performing CEOs and presidents in the world. The research took record of questions and carried a comprehensive survey of citizens in the business arena as well as college students. For easy analysis and interpretation, the results collected and presented systematically in graphs and tables. Much focus was paid to influence processes used by the leaders on their followers to achieve organizations goals and objectives. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Timothy Donald Cook have exhibited out impressing leadership styles that have contributed much to the success of their organizations. 2 Sampling procedures and participants 9 3. 3 Research design 10 4. 0 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 10 5. 0 CONCLUSION 14 6. 0 REFERENCES 15 1. What are the influence processes and factor affecting them used by the three leaders? ii.

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What are the critical attributes of the influence processes employed by the three leaders? iii. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the influence processes used by the three leaders? 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2. 1 Influence processes Leaders apply a variety of influence process to change and manipulate behavior, attitude, needs, and values of people. The control power generates the ability to change people through the formulation of vision and mission of the organization. Structure of the organization gives leaders to express their strengths in different positions to control their followers. Such ability and power influences variables that are affecting followers through decisions. The structure offers leaders power and capability to make and execute decisions and set the overall direction of the firm in the society.

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Reward system, selection, and promotion of leaders Leaders in the organization use power to reward their employees thus influencing their behaviors. Going forward the organization will be ethical to the society in various aspects. The organization will protect society from exploitation and promote the development of the community within its surrounding through participating in their programs. 2 Key attributes of the three leaders Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire and entrepreneur at the age of 24 years. Zuckerberg is a chief executive officer of the most significant social media in the world. Mark founded Facebook in February 2004. He looks for the wicked smart personnel who are aggressive in achieving goals of the company. He is always determined to succeed even if his ideas stick and fails he must bounce to encounter challenges.

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Cook embraces teamwork because no one can perform everything alone. His agitated idealism enables him to strive to achieve set objectives and goals of the organization. He is never satisfied with how things are; he needs change and works for the change. They shape environment by influencing others and through that, they market their products to the society. Passion and patient is all need in to develop the idea into a reality. Mark Zuckerberg is a university dropout who had an idea on how to make the world a global village. He involved other smart people who had a similar vision of connecting society through social media. Bill Gates is also a leader who has been strengthened by friendships and enthusiasm in his innovation of Microsoft.

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1 Purpose of research Purpose of the study is to establish leadership styles used by three world leaders in their organization in the United States. Leaders use their power and ability to influence followers with the aim of achieving organizations goals and objectives. The research will answer the questions discussed above in the study concerning leadership and future leaders in the world. 2 Sampling procedures and participants The study took into consideration sampling procedures and participants to obtain data that are more accurate. The survey was on leadership and future leaders in the world. During the research period, the only challenge faced was inadequate resources and time. 0 RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The research survey took place at the University of California in the United States.

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It involved six hundred students in school of business. Five hundred and eighty eight (98%) returned their questionnaires. Twelve (12%) students answered incomplete, filled questionnaire merely because they had no knowledge in some fields or they wished not to comment. Do you use Facebook and internet daily? Number Percentage (%) Yes 595 99. 17% No 5 0. 83% The results shows majority of the people use internet and Facebook daily represented by 595 respondents (99. 1%) How do you often use Facebook after midnight? Number Percentage (%) Never 15 2. 5% Sometimes 135 22. and Microsoft companies. Responses from 210 students desired to be part of Apple and Microsoft Company as well representing a percentage of 35%. One hundred and eighty students turned their dream employment company to Facebook representing 30%. 0 CONCLUSION In conclusion, the three leaders are role models in entrepreneurship since their achievements and determination in their organization has enabled them to be successful.

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