Surveillance and Convenience

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Between these two types of surveillance, peer-to-peer surveillance happens most during ordinary time, especially for people who act as vulnerable groups. Penna (2005) stated, “The use of surveillance can be seen as a mode of societal governance by the control of security, health and so on” (p. In this paper, I will be arguing how vulnerable group benefit most from the increasingly convenient means by which surveillance can be conducted and the role played by peer-to-peer surveillance. Surveillance play a significant role in protection of children and people of disability, most importantly, it plays a significant role in ensuring that diseases and injuries are controlled. It serves as a vessel that provides estimates of the health status of people served by the ministry of health finance and all volunteer donors (Committee of children with disabilities, 192).

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Through it, the CDC health department collect data of all individuals infected with HIV. Further, surveillance play a significant role in governance. It makes it easy to track and locate kidnapped children. A good number of technological advancement has made it possible to track children, for instance, introduction of Filip 2 has made it possible for parents to track their children. It can be accessed remotely through Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi. It is through the information acquired from the maps and photos that the investigators get to decide the appropriate tools and equipment appropriate for the investigation. It is through the surveillance that the investigators get to organise a plan on how they investigation will be conducted (Private Investigator, 2017). During the investigation, surveillance help in provision of accurate and logical information on the exact date an event occurred and the exact occurrence time, this information helps in building a strong case in court proceedings.

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Surveillance has played the role of invisible witness, which has made most criminal offenders to turn away from crime for fear of being convicted. Surveillance technology has played a significant role in preventing vulnerable people from being vandalised; there has been a significant reduction in crime and a notable maintenance of good health globally. In an age of technological advancement, surveillance technology has become a near ubiquitous presence in people’s life, even in areas that are unexpected. The development of surveillance system not only plays a significant role in data collection, data analysis and dissemination, but also provides convenience to organizations such as public security. People use surveillance to obtain intelligence information prevent crime, protection of a working processes, person, animals or object, investigation of criminal acts and so on.

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There are two types of surveillance we meet most in our life, one is top-to-down surveillance and lateral surveillance, it suggests that when surveillance seem to be happened everywhere in the life, people will be internalized monitoring. In this paper, I will be arguing how business and organizations like public security benefit do most from top-to-down surveillance and lateral surveillance. All the events are recorded regardless of whether there is a human observer or not, the surveillance power is always reiterative (Doyle, 283). Convicts assume they are being watched and continuously act in a docile manner. As a result, control dominates through self-regulatory means. Companies have proven to benefit a lot through installation of surveillance systems in their workstations. Through surveillance, economic crime is reduced which plays a great role in reduction of theft cases while managing companies.

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A Reflection on the topic Surveillance Surveillance systems have proved to be of beneficial to individuals and organisations at large, corporate bodies has also had their economic value reach their potential all thanks to the reduction of losses that occur through theft cases. Further, surveillance systems have ensured that order is instilled among crowded. Most people would take advantage of the situation and commit crime. However, with surveillance systems installed, it makes it possible to trace individuals who engage in uncouth activities. With the help if facial recognition software’s, the surveillance system would get the image of the culprits which would provide their actual credentials. Doyle, A. Revisiting the synopticon: Reconsidering Mathiesen’s ‘viewer society’ in the age of web 2.

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