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Wal-Mart Company receives more than 270 million clients in its various stores located across the world for a period of one week. This company has a number of adverts across various parts of the globe that helps it sell the company name and attract new potential consumers. Wal-Mart is mainly dedicated to ensuring consumers’ satisfaction and also contributes to the provision of job/employment opportunities to people around the world. This corporate has over the past 50 years of its growth been destined to uplifting societies and communities within which its stores are located. The main goal of this paper is to provide a detailed SWOT analysis of the company. Other than low prices, Wal-Mart Company offers various platforms for customers to access the goods of their choice, one among these being online.

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With Wal-Mart, a consumer is able to purchase products through online platforms and mobile apps. This together with a number of its stores enhances customers’ convenience and provides the company with a fair share in the market place thus help it keep pace with other competitors. Wal-Mart operates in three major segments, that is, Wal-Mart U. S. This has been one other strength that keeps the company running and also helps maximize profit out of the sales of the merchandises. The expansion of the company’s stores to local areas has made it succumb to direct competition from other competitors like The Kroger Co, Target Corporation and Amazon. com. Additionally, the company has employed direct mailing, one of the most appealing advertising tactics to consumers.

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This form of advertisement if employed appropriately can attract more customers and also retain the existing ones as well as notify consumers on the upgraded products. com has proved to be more dominant in online shopping and this has been a major setback to Wal-Mart Company. Despite having a number of online shopping operations, Wal-Mart has not been as stable as its competitors like Amazon. com which are renowned worldwide. There has also been confusion on the company brand name over the years since it changed its name to Wal-Mart stores from Wal-Mart Inc. However, this isn’t any significant change that would render the company dysfunctional according Wal-Mart CEO the change of name was meant to ensure consistency. One other biggest challenge facing Wal-Mart is the flat rate income of most of its most reliable customers.

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