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Therefore, the above quote encompasses the basic spirit and organization’s drive which are key to relative achievement as opposed to other factors such as resources, organizational structure, technology, innovation as well as timing. During this time, IBM had made considerable strides to grow as one of the world’s best corporation through technological changes they had adopted. Currently, out of the quotes, organizations are molded through beliefs, characters, and convictions as well as the experiences of the employees. Moreover, the concepts outlined in the quote are currently used to attain the right size of the organization whereby the organization employs people who fit in particular positions to drive growth and development. However, to achieve such success and organizational development, strategic human resource management (SHRM) has been the core of most successful organizations both locally and internationally.

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p). The losses realized are as result of bad decisions and mismanagement acts. The fall of Microsoft Lotus is also characterized by mismanagement whereby the company lacked proper a good sale team for the products. Therefore, talent management which ensures that the right people are always positioned in the right places to optimize the organization’s success potential is vital for any success oriented organization (Kumudha, 2011, pg. In this case, it is evident that talent management must adhere to the HR practice of recruitment which requires an organization to select qualified individuals for a particular position. Research indicates that talent management is an already proven strategy for business success but only if an organization has a long commitment (Automatic Data Processeing, Inc.

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, 2011, pg. For instance, during the 2008 economic turmoil, talents leaders were supposed to focus on their strategy towards the future of a successful 2010 as well as businesses that would thrive for years to come. Moreover, before the 2008 economic recession, most of the multinational companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds were thriving as a result of talent management strategies that they had adopted (Automatic Data Processing, Inc. , 2011, pg. 63) the source of competitive advantage and organizational success are depended on the collective skills, experiences, and abilities of the people which are confined in the employee's talents. For instance, according to the Global Competitiveness Survey which was released for 2016-2017, talent retention and development (regarding training), were among the best practices of talent management. SHRM has, therefore, been adopted by many companies to support the organization’s goals and outcomes in a more strategic framework.

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The Society for Human Resource Management (2015) indicates that strategic human resource management incorporates future-oriented development and implementation process that is focused towards addressing and solving problems that exist within a business and which have a direct long-term impact on objectives of an organization. Zehir et al. p). The stock market provides one of the best established strategies to indicate the success of SHRM. It also provides indications of how talents determine the success of an organization. Google, Inc, which is a fortune 500 company, is considered as one of the most profitable companies as a result of its talent management with an estimated $25 billion on its balance sheet as at 2008. In 2007, Google recorded $16. However, for companies to manage the talents of its employees effectively, Kehinde states that its management must be viewed from four main perspectives (2012, pg.

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The talent management strategy will involve strategies such as cultural, competitive, change management and human resource planning perspectives. Each of these strategy perspectives is enumerated to facilitate the organizational processing, implementation, and usage of talents towards the success of the organization. For instance, the process perspectives are coined with the view that organization’s management and nurturing of talents is essential in the day to day life of an organization that focused towards success. Moreover, the employees’ efficiency and effectiveness are also determined by how the organization has realized the importance of its talents. This area primarily focuses on shaping the future of the organization through foreseeing the creative aims and innovative approaches to achieve the set goals. Additionally, through this strategy, the organization’s employees are positioned in a place where they can quickly adapt to changes.

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This is considered a prerequisite of an organization’s strategic success (Vural et al. , 2012, pg. In assessing the impact of talent management on the organization, Timex & Fergasam Group provides a succinct example (Timex & Fergasam). com/~/media/White%20Papers/NAS/ADP_NASEffectiveTalentMgmtWhitePaper. ashx [Accessed on 13 August, 2018]. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Strategic Human Resource Management. Retrieved from: https://www. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 3(5). pp. Kehinde, J. Talent management: Effect on organization performances. Journal of Management Research, 4(2), pp. pdf. [Accessed on 27 August, 2018]. Marín, A. L. Sociology of organizations. The effects of using talent management with performance evaluation system over employee commitment. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 58, pp. Waiganjo, E. W. , Mukulu, E. Adapting to the age of globalization. Society for Human Resource Management.

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