Technology and Social Changes

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Many things and virtually almost everything in the present society is run on technology. We depend on technology in the production of some common goods and services that are the necessities in the community. Technology is therefore all around, and it has some high and multiple applicability in the field of economic development, the political sector, and the social structure. This paper will describe the various social changes that the field of technology has brought about in the society. New technology has led to the introduction and development of a new system of communication. Mobile phones became a turning point as far as communication in the society was concerned. The development of the mobile phone technology enabled all members of the society to communicate more freely and with efficiency.

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Many people in the present society owned mobile phones which they are using in the communication in the society. Communication in this context has been made more manageable, and people in the society can share many essential messages through the use of mobile phones. It has created unity and cohesiveness in the society and also acted as the primary source of relevant news on various occurrences in the society. Students also share information on the social lives and develop some coherent ways of socializing and sharing some problem-solving concepts. Social media has, therefore, become one of the most crucial technological concepts that ever happened in the society, and it is one of the most critical social concept in the community (White, 2015).

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The introduction of television is also another tremendous technological concept that has some distinctive and most dominant effects on the social changes in the present world. Television is one of the essential technological innovations that has created a wave of changes in the modern social context. It is one of the most critical parts that allowed for sharing of cultures by watching the cultural norms and beliefs of other people. Technology also changed the social stratification in the society and how the society lived. During the ancient times, the people in the society used to live confined in some villages and bushy suburbs. However, with the development of technology, various changes were witnessed in the social setting and how the people lived.

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Technology led to the formation and the establishment of modern forms of fracture. People in the society can now navigate and move with ease all over long distances. Technology has also revolutionized warfare in the modern world. It has changed how society used to fight and solve conflicts in the past. Currently, technology in combat is one of the most critical things that has threatened the existence of mankind in the society. Much high technology weaponry has continued to be developed that has become a significant threat to the existence and development of mankind in the modern society. As man continues to advance its knowledge with the modern technological advancements so as the quest to outsmart each other as increased and this has a fierce man to invest more in weaponry and some of the weapons of massive destruction in the modern society are a threat to the existence of humanity in the world.

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