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, 2005 & Hertwig, 2012). E-business is the exercise conducted on online platform and targets to bring the employees, collaborators, suppliers, and the customers together and keeping primary goal of value creation (DuPlessis & Boon, 2004; Lai et al. Further, there is improved operational efficiency and increase in the reach of organizations due to the E-business (Ash & Burn, 2003; Bordonaba-Juste et al. , 2012a). Coming up with e-business and its implementation successfully is a challenging issue. Empirically, the conceptual framework proposed was analyzed using structured questionnaire. Hypothesis of the study was tested using technique referred to as the structural equation modeling (SEM), validation and reliability of the questionnaire was done using other methods Testing of the model of research proposed was done on several Greek firms, which operate in different sectors of economy.

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Criteria for participation in proposed study was the companies to practice e-business. Thus, the investigation is more valuable for the international readers because of some of specific characteristics of the Greek economy which shown below. • Taking into consideration the process of executing the idea of E-business practices, Greece is yet to reach its full potential hence, the results predicted could be more generalized and shows an aspect of interest to nations with similar economic characteristics. Successful implementation of e-business especially in a competitive market environment is linked to collaboration and partner’s interaction from different companies (Bhakoo & Chan, 2011; Lee et al. , 2003; & Wiengarten et al. Online participation is the platform that allows firms to hasten their response to the needs of customers hence providing goods and services of high quality.

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(Kervenoael et al. , 2009; & Harris, 2008). One of the crucial factors that initiate the success of e-business implementation is the confidence of the customers’ during their use of online electronic platform (Kervenoael et al. Minimization and avoiding operational faults are as a result of e-commerce continuity and the urge to avail services on right manner, resulting as a product of an established organizational environment (Avizienis et al. Moreover, another critical element for successful implementation and helping it have a competitive strength is the innovation ability (Hamel, 2001 & Christensen, 1997, Tseng et al. , 2007; Bello et al. Inventions which e-business can make are mainly involved in innovation and the ability to effectively develop productive procedure. Evolution of activities, internal structure, and information management process is greatly affected by the introduction of upcoming and advanced technology (Borges et al.

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However, flexibility and innovation are required in responding to the constant changing and unstable electronic environment and the existing competition. Hence, an effective e-business and success are closely related to strategy making (Onetti et al. , 2012; Sauer & Willcocks, 2003; Yeh et al. Various scholars have introduced the above factors, to predict the success of e-business implementation. Current research uses e-business implementation success as a non-independent factor. New researches have adopted the non-independent factor (Bradford & Florin, 2003; Chong et al. , 2009; Lee et al. , 2007 & Lin, 2008). Factors such as then intentions to use the e-business has been examined by other various studies (Lai & Yang, 2009), adoption of the e-business likelihood (Hertwig, 2012), the diffusion of e-business (Lin & Lin, 2008), the satisfaction of e-business (Lai et al, 2012), the organizational performance (Wu et al, 2011), e-business collaborating with the suppliers (Andreu et al.

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