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The objective of this paper is to analyze the entire concept of the results following the operations management of two internationally operating retailers; Walmart and Tesco PLC as they are the leading retailers in the world operating on an international platform. Tesco PLC Tesco PLC is an international company; the retailer is its kind with their center of operations in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. Being a British company founded by the late Jack Cohen, it is positioned the third prevalent in the entire world I reference to gross revenue and positioned ninth when in reference to proceeds. There has been a number of precise operations that have led Tesco PLC to its present glories. This fastidiousness is discussed below in reference to the Tesco operations management.

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As such Tesco is looking forward to generating low-effort client service involvement. This is seen as the most paramount method of attaining customer loyalty. iii. The technology employed in running Among the many technologies used by Tesco in their dealings is the IFTTT which stands for If This Then That. This technology allows automation of shopping by customers. Also, Tesco borrows the Kaizei, a Japanese concept whereby this philosophy allows employees to have an ownership perception in the business. As such, it motivates the employees to work on bettering the quality of goods and services that Tesco has to offer. This police have been proven to work (Gobiraja et al 2018. ) v. Inventory methodologies Evaluating Tesco’s inventory management, one can look at it from an expansion standpoint.

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Rather, it has been the management’s choices done in the company’s operations that have allowed Walmart a label of success so far. i. Production process Walmart follows a capacity decision structure whereby this company utilizes strategic planning in their company missions and strategies whereby, this planning determines and ensures on the objectives of the inclusive capacity level which would be advantageous to the company from a long-term competitive stratagem. As such Walmart follows a capacity strategy following a mission to provide customers with what products they need and want together with working to attain a world best retail dealer. With that, Walmart strains to improve their facilities for it to counter the public’s demands. Also, they import more than 60% of their vegetables and fruits and 80% of the overall seafood sold in their branches worldwide (Jacobs et al, 2014.

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) ii. Customer interactions The success of Walmart has been on a record use of communication strategies. Walmart has used Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest as well as diverse social media platforms such as Google+ as their marketing conduits of focus. With these channels, Walmart has created an enabled circuit of communication where two-way communication is enabled between the company and the entire interconnected world. The lower rank describes the lowest quality prospects which are an ideal target for the majority of the most potential customers. Having the most potentials in sales, Walmart retains this lower rank for the majority of its goods like the Great Value. The intermediate rank postulates the general market typical quality designated for low-cost vendors. This rank is functional for the enactment of Walmart personnel, especially the transactions staffs.

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The last upper level specifies the quality altitudes that are designated to surpass the current market averages. From the supplier managed inventory prototype, the vendors contact the company’s statistics systems whereby they decide on the time of good delivery referencing on real-time statistics on inventory levels. As such, the company reduces stock outs. Looking at the just-in-time cross-docking, the company reduces the magnitude of its inventory, as such, it supports Walmart’s cost-minimization exertions. Such approaches have aided to maximize Walmart’s performance in the inventory management segment in operations management (Stevenson 2005. ) Comparison and contrasts between Walmart and Tesco PLC Both of these retail giants are looking forward to attaining the apex mark in customer satisfaction and revenue build up, as such, they are focusing on augmenting their customer services whereby they are looking at offering convenient online promotions and purchasing.

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