The African Continent and Its People The 19th Century of European Colonialism

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African boost as the cradle of humankind and first advanced civilization and kingdoms. The large mass continent of Africa and its huge population has played great significance in the global affair for a long time. Understanding the fundamental role Africa has contributed in global history, trade and development. This paper will aims to critically evaluate impact of the 19th century in Africa as characterized by the European colonialism. Major factors that account for the importance of this period 1. For instance, The Belgium government ruled by the Belgium king colonized the mineral rich Congo while the British and France nations took most of the eastern and western parts of Africa respectively. Need for raw material and agricultural land saw many white settlements established across arable land in Africa (Shillington, 2012).

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Colonialist were involved in development of railways and ports across strategic points in continent to enable people and goods transportation and movement. The colonization kicked off the modern day industrialization in African by introduction of the new technologies and know how in farming and other sectors of economy (Asante & Karenga, 2005). The African well-developed means of living economically and political structures were destroyed by the invasion of the white man in the continent. Most these leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah went back to their African countries and lead the nations to fight for independence and attainment of self-determination from the colonialists. b) What ideas does the chapter reveal about any range of information about the African past? The book’s chapter reveal a lot of critical information on the African past.

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