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The believers observe a connection with a being more powerful and in control of their destinies. The supernatural being is the centerpiece of spirituality and all good things are drawn from the deity. There is a belief that bad things befall those who wrong and attract the wrath of the deity. As can be seen from the ongoing explanation, the definition of spirituality varies but the main concepts are widely agreed upon by different factions. Spirituality as a concept does not exist in isolation but in association with other concepts that attempt to explain the ideas behind the belief in deities. Scientism has not been successful in solving problems that are not scientific in nature. The Post modernism concept involves many approaches in solving of problems in the society.

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The use of many approaches in problem solving appreciates the fact that not everyone subscribes to the same approach as the next person. According to Lash (2014), the post modernism view is based on the observation that different people have different approaches to problem solving. Postmodernism is hinged on the methods deemed effective in problem solving and not what could be morality right. Scientism has replaced all the systems and most people are tending towards science and technology for solutions to societal problems. A human being can be viewed to be a creature of god and made in the image of god. Human beings, as self-loving depict a character of having been designed by a deity in whom they have a connection with.

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Human beings have been viewed as biochemical machines that have evolved over time in execution of the functions of biology. Pluralism as a concept encourages people to live peacefully despite the varied belief systems and cultures. All belief systems in their uniqueness, have a set of moral values that are inculcated in the daily practices and activities. The values are held dear to the society and those who breach them are subjected to punitive actions. The history of humanity is a controversial subject with many people being skeptical about the real use of the subject. The basis of history being time does not make it any better as some people consider time an illusion of man’s making. To this end, some people suppose that the human history is useless.

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