The development and deployment of an online real estate website with Aaron OReilly

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The development process had to take care of several web development techniques, design rational, the usability test and final deployment in production environment. The design rationale conformed strictly to the projects initial TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Site planning information Content Description and Content Acquisition Technical requirements User profiles Recommendations: Future Enhancements and Maintenance Issues Conclusion Introduction The O’Reilly website has been developed considering the fact that it is main target is the commercial hotspot. The real estate system targets a prospective customer who would is likely to be caught in the realm of navigating through to the entire website links that specifically targets them. In the website the system is expected to respond to the user by providing the relevant information that can be successfully deployed in a production environment.

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In order to complete the project, Key design principles, the design rationale and the usability test must be put into consideration. Content Description and Content Acquisition The website has the core function of connecting an online potential buyer to available houses. The website will basically provide consultation services and sales of houses to the online community. The houses are displayed with their full information and even additional information about the purchase deals and other taxes that are involved. The functionality of the website is fully carried out. The information is easy to find and flows very quickly, with short products names that displays functional data at a glance. We can use their data to predict future trends. Recommendations: Future Enhancements and Maintenance Issues The main maintence issues includes the growing number of users.

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