The Ethical Activities of a Business and Its Benefits

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But, purely since the employee claims that “it is legitimate” does not make it “legitimate” on the work premises. Presently, almost half of the American states have passed laws that legalize the utility of medical cannabis, and a significant number of states have authorized the service of marijuana for recreational reasons (Shohov, 2003). Even if a state has not embraced legislation allowing the utility of cannabis on a recreational or medical basis, several cities within states have embraced such laws. The problem for employers and employees arises at the federal government since it has not adopted any legislation that permits the utility of cannabis. As a first issue, the answer to this question of “what ought to be done” is very easy and straightforward for employers in areas that have not passed laws about the legalization of cannabis.

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Employers should also analyze and reexamine the existing drug and alcohol policies to make sure that they comply with the rule of law. Workers must be conscious of the relevant policies and laws of the employers. Showing up at your work premises and saying that “it is legitimate” will not constitute immunity for a positive drug test. Part Two: Question Three One of the unethical acts that the company engaged in is lying to its customers. The easiest and fastest way to lose the trust of your customers is to lie to them. I believe that there are possible means to produce food without poisoning people and the natural environment. Illustrations of sustainable and fair methods of farming and food production, such as agro-ecology already exist in different parts of the world.

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I would suggest for the application of such techniques since they maintain a condition of equilibrium in the eco-system, preserve the soil, preserve water, respect for wildlife, and other natural resources. They also assist in reducing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and offer high quality, healthy, domestic and seasoned food for human consumption along with conventional and organic livestock breeds and seeds. The ethical theory that I would rely on is consequentialism, which means results-based ethics. This argument can create a healthy coexisting in between the society and the company. I believe and advocate for a free market, venturing into communities, and the significance of integrity, ethical, and transparency conducts should be the pillar for any business transaction.

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The elimination of commercialization in blood banking can pave the way for safe blood transfusion. The initial point is to train and promote voluntary blood donors through well-managed education programs to meet national demands. Thus, through effective awareness programs, ordinary people should be encouraged not to embrace blood from commercial blood banks. Emmanuel Kant’s ethical philosophy teaches that some activities are right or wrong due to the kinds of things they are, and individuals must act morally, in spite of the positive or negative results that might be produced. Thus, the actions of Sir Lawrence Wildman can be termed as ethical since it he acted according to his duties. Virtue-based theories outline minimal emphasis on which rules individuals should adhere and rather than focus on assisting individuals to develop acceptable character traits, such as generosity, honesty, and kindness (In Mathipa, 2017).

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