The impact of black psychology on the western mind

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The Black psychology focuses on research on the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, behavior, attitudes, and well-being of Africans and various interactions of the African Americans or the Black population and other psychologies. It is also important to note that a team of Black psychologists rejected the perspective held by the white psychology on the inferiority of black population. Further, it has been on the forefront to engineer the study and therapy of afro-centric model and has facilitated the involvement of increased social struggle for the black population and its environments (Smith, 1979). Hence, Black Psychology can be defined as the examination of the maturity of the Black community through the application of traditional psychological features to develop racially and culturally viable models of sustainable humanity. The approach was most applicable in the United States that had a significant number of both Black and White communities.

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D. in philosophy. It was an essential achievement as it motivated other psychologists to work hard to provide their services to the fellow Black population. In 1938, an American Teachers Association was dispatched by Herman Canaday, and its main aim was to expand the learning and usage of psychology mostly to the schools of Black Population as well as the Black scholars. On the verge of the 20th century, many psychologists conducted various research programs, and the most recognized was that one carried out by Kenneth and Mamie Clark. Over the 20th century, over a hundred Universities had been established and offered different courses (Nobles, 2015). On the other hand, the White Community enjoyed the rights to education since time immemorial as they were considered to be the superior race with the highest IQ to attend schools.

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The approach of teaching in both the colleges was distinctly different from each other. For example, psychology in white colleges focused on teaching psychology through examination and instrumentations while the black colleges relied on practical since they focused on trade. Furthermore, the white colleges were keen on identifying the differences in races rather than similarities which was an approach for blacks. For example, a black market served a hot place that conducted unlawful business and trade. Similarly, most people within the white community referred to “angel food” where the cake was significantly a white cake while the “devils’ food” was associated with a brown cake. The labeling of items was a critical indicator of how the White community judged the black community psychologically. The dark skin torn is associated with all manner of negativity in all institution whether socially, economically and mentally (Fernando, 2017) Skin color is arguably the factor considered and can limit the chances and achievements in life.

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Also, the income of people can be affected by how the person looks like based on the color. Hence, most of the black and black Americans women have suffered from self-esteem, and this has led to female considering going a notch higher to bleach their skins through technologies created by the western people to fit into the society (Robinson, 1995). After all, the lighter skin tone is associated with the possibility of dominating in the community in terms financial, economic and social acceptance. It is through the analogy that the females who undergo such treatments do not feel guilty even though they could face implications later on in the future The African American community has been on the receiving end as a result of the skin tone. Some of the Black population have fallen into the temptation and been taken over by the racist factors, and they now believe the beliefs that have been existing from the psychology of western mind, and they now consider Black as a representation of oppression.

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Incidentally, the African American with darker complexion has been accusing the Black population with a darker skin tone of not behaving in a manner that depicts Black community beliefs instead imitating the white culture. Moreover, the mummy was not considered a threat to the white women as she was deemed to be ugly, fat and not attractive (Goings, 1994). Aunt Jemimah This stereotype was used to describe African women whose duties were based upon the kitchen. The white community considered this type of African American women to handle domestic roles, and they were never allowed to do anything else to better their lives. However, the culture grew, and most of them were able to venture into the kitchen and established outstanding cooking like the pancakes which are loved by many. Jezebelle Jezebelle was considered as the harlot in the white community.

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Color does not make people inferior not does it add the IQ, the Black population must not limit itself from achieving the best they can as they all possess equal chances like the people in western communities. References Association of Black Psychologists.  Journal of black psychology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Cheang, S. doi:10. Curtis, J.  C. Gould, L.  L. Bloomington, In: Indiana University Press. In Vaughans, K. In Spielberg, W.  The psychology of black boys and adolescents. Nederveen, P.  A Descriptive Study of African American Male Students at PeaksUniversity. Pugh, R.  W.  Psychology and the Black experience. Monterey, CA: Brooks/Cole Pub.  Reflections on Black psychology. Washington: University Press of America. Thomas, C.  Black psychology. Del Mar, CA: Ziff-Davis.

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