The Impact of Conflict on Child Hunger in Syria

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This is because the conflicts lead to the interference of crops, livestock, water, land, and the human resources needed for the agricultural activities, distribution of food, and safe consumption. In Syria, fighters often use hunger as a defense whereby the use powerful force to restrict food supplies and productive abilities, famish opposing members into submission, and steal food aid provided to civilians. The Syrian central government leaders have been blamed of applying starvation, which is an acknowledged global war crime as a weapon of conflict throughout the conflict period. The use of this tactic in war has affected children die of hunger. This paper discusses in depth the impact of conflict on child hunger in Syria. Children’s in Syria don’t follow the health normal growing rate pattern due to lack of food and water, which are essential for body growth. If kids fail to receive the required nutrition by the health professionals before and immediately after delivery, their brain operation and growth is severely retarded, and imminent upkeep never assists the kid to fully recover from this absence of basic nutrition. Statistics from the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) revealed that children’s in many parts of Syria have resorted to consume leaves, grass, and cats (Alsaud, 2015). This give rise to disease which if sever causes death among the teenager’s. On a different point, the children are also undergoing psychological torture since their parents gives them sleeping pills to tranquil their hunger. Giving of pills to human beings without doctor’s prescription is perceived to be drug abuse and encompasses lethal affects which these children’s experience with time.

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Since the combats in Syria hijack the donation food from NGO to the refugees. The teenager’s in the refugee camps go to an extent of making decision to risk in going the scene of terrorist in search of the remaining food. In this venture, some children are hit by stray bullets or rifleman fire thus causing death of young innocent kids. At times, the terrorists when migrating to other regions for war leave behind the hijacked food being poisoned. Children’s in this case find the food left and consume without knowing if its poisoned, which results to health complications and subsequently death (Elsafti & Hubloue, 2016). The research conducted by UNCEF showed that some of these children separate with their parents for the rest of their life when they go to find food and forget the direction back to the refugee camp.

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Isolation of small kids from their parents, in this case, means that they grow without acquiring the basic attributes inherited from parents to children’s during rearing. Report from World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that children at the age of 12 to 15 are deteriorating their health due to starvation. UNICEF aid services which was permitted to conduct a research into the plagued Syrian city of Madaya, a town with a population of 53, 000 whereby 23,000 were children’s. Children’s in Syria don’t possess the ability to interact and play which is their basic need due to lack of food, which gives them energy for such activities. The hunger in Syria due to conflict has crippling consequences on children’s learning. Food is a fuel essential to through an ordinary life. Calories in the nutrient offer vitality to perform out day-to-day duties.

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Without sufficient amount of energy, children don’t concentrate in class during their learning process (Hendrix & Brinkman, 2013). Many children’s in Syria are opting to commit suicide due to hunger. According to the latest report from UNICEF, children’s aged between 9 to 12 years are the one affected by this issue (Liebau, 2010). On a different point, satisfaction of basic needs such as food leads to life fulfillment and good relationship among groups of people. However, the problem of hunger in Syria due to conflict impacts abnormal behavior of aggressiveness in children’s. This gives rise to constant conflict in the refugee camps between the parents and their children’s. Hunger in Syria due to the existing war has interfered with consideration of cultural norms by the children’s. For example, the lack of food forces the teenagers to eat other products, which are culturally evil for consumption.

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Kids goes to an extent of taking forest fruits some of which the ancient founders of the culture regarded them to be having evil spirits, which creates extra problems to community in question (Liebau, 2010). Additionally, it is culturally wrong for children to differ with their parents as per the Syria founded cultural beliefs. However, lack of food has made teenagers to disobey this cultural law by demanding food from their parents. The problem of food insecurity in Syria has led to the presence of kids who lack strong immunity due to the poor feeding habit. Lack of strong immunity has affected these children’s especially when there is an outbreak of lethal diseases which need a lot of care (Alsaud, 2015). Additionally, hunger has made the children’s to be mentally retarded as food is essential in brain development.

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Retardation of memory of these kids has additional negative effects such as inability to learn in schools. Hunger in Syria due to conflict has made the children in the country to have malnutrition symptoms such as mental scar, which affect their development and entails long-lasting effects like the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Alsaud, 2015). L. Devakumar, D. Wells, J. C. Child health in Syria: recognising the lasting effects of warfare on health.  Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, 2(2). Liebau, H.  Hunger Caused by Conflict: Experiences, perceptions and perspectives from Syria. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill Top of Form.

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