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Introduction a. Attention Getter: Have you ever wondered what meditation can do to a human being? Be my guest because your mental, physical, health, and psychological problems are just about to come to an end. Medication is the simplest yet readily available means to get rid of all the above stated complications. b. Thesis Statement: Meditation has been affirmed to improve memory, stress coping ability, raise concentration and slow down neurodegenerative diseases. , et al. (2011) the author of "Combined goal management training and mindfulness meditation improve executive functions and decision-making performance in abstinent polysubstance abusers," long-term meditation ideally increases gyrification. b. This refers to the process and overall folding of the cortex of the brain. The more the folds there are on the cortex, the larger the surface area; and this has been associated with an overly increased ability of the brain information for longer.

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a. Beth and Israel Deacons Medical Centre, in their study on the relation between stress and progression of neurodegenerative conditions offer that meditation, due to its ability to reduce the onset of stress and depression, slows down the progression of age-related mental conditions (Davis, Daphne and Jeffrey Hayes (2011) pp. b. The conditions affirmed in the report include, Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. From the study, patients suffering from Alzheimer’s who took part in the study showed lesser decline in cognitive ability after an eight-week stress alleviation program that relied on meditation. (Waters). d) Allocate specific periods for meditation, for example, weekly. Invite students to meditation sessions by appealing to their emotions. e) Introduce a meditation club to promote this exercise on a long-term basis.

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