The main characteristics of modernism and postmodernism

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The writers of modernism influenced the current society through their unique materials that touched a lot of issues that affect society today. The writing had concrete information concerning the different undertakings in modern society. In reality, modernism can be viewed as a type of artistic expression that took place in the period 1928 through 1945 in the united states (Hutcheon, 2003 p. This study will address the modernism writing giving its key characteristics. However, postmodernism is considered to take place after modernism had completed during world war II. After the introduction of postmodernism, the stylistic devices that the modernist had applied was the same that was being applied in the period. Both of the two components play a key role in making sure that the most appropriate and effective conservations have been outlined in due course.

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It can be established that postmodernism used all the ideas of modernism. After modernist had exhausted almost every aspect that was important, it was now time to look at how different undertakings were to be done. The postmodernism had to creatively restructure all that the modernists had established and made it better to fit in the current form of life. All of these components help in the effectiveness of the buildings. It is through such proponents that the postmodern buildings have been able to stand. A great example of Modernist architectural building is the Villa Savoye in London which has different anticipated modern structure. It considers different historical components that have become obsolete in the postmodern era. Figure 1: Villa Savoye in London Modernism is now an obsolete culture and is a past undertaking that not much is being considered.

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It is, therefore, a key concern that should be considered in due course. It is the best approach through which different components are understood, and the most appropriate and effective considerations are considered in due course. This study has been able to understand the transformations that have been considered and the channels through which different aspects have been considered in due course. It highlights the reasons behind the modern architectural designs that exist today. The way buildings are painted through the structures, and the graphic arts that are attached to most buildings can be traced through both modernism and postmodernism. Hutcheon, L.  A poetics of postmodernism: history, theory, fiction. Routledge, 1(20), pp. Jencks, C.  The new paradigm in architecture: the language of post-modernism.

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