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This model,however, receives somehow a tiny percentage of attention in the mainstream media. Herman describes it as a model that gives more support and protection to the elite class while paying more attention to policies that protect the interests and objectives of the dominant class. Apart from this, the propaganda model also gives insights that the elite group has a significant impact on the choices and interests of the media community. The thought The whole model rotates on somehow a liberal basis of the mass media community. It explains that the media’s primary role is acting as an intermediary or rather a bridge that reflects more on the public opinion of people, responding to any of their concerns and mainly influence the state officials and leaders into working and performing for the sake of the citizens.

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The market ideology The free market perspective is usually the primarydriver for the production and profitability of the media industry. Therefore the model explains that most of the media producers do not criticize the market state but instead cling to the government policies that are in the capabilities of earning them more revenue. The reporting dichotomy In most cases, the personnel responsible for the reporting employ and effect several terms and conditions that have different feedbacks in the relation of economic benefits, political hegemony and foreign policy. In accordance to the model, the ironic picking of the stated factors instead of the journalistic worth and feel of the news produces is where there is a dichotomy of either the ‘unworthy’ or the ‘worthy’ lay3.

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