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The measles mumps vaccine is incredibly safe and the individuals who suffer from mumps have a high probability of not being vaccinated from mumps. Apart from swelling of the glands, mumps presents with the headache, tiredness, muscle aches and fever. The submandibular glands may also be involved. Twenty percent of the individuals who are suffering from mumps infections tend to be asymptomatic. Sometimes, mumps is diagnosed by the symptoms of the disease. The virus has a fusion protein in its membrane which helps to fuse with the host cell membrane and the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase glycoproteins that helps in the absorption of the virus into the cell. The virus has the surface and the matrix protein. The subtype of the virus that is prevalent fluctuates with the conditions in various geographical locations that aid in its survival.

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Pathophysiology Mumps in the upper respiratory tract of an infected individual can be spread to susceptible person through respiratory secretions (Davison, Patrick, and Jason Morris, 38). Mumps can also be transmitted through saliva as well as the objects that have been contaminated by the virus including drinks, cups, and toys. Infections confer lifelong immunity if properly treated. The mumps manifestations due to vaccines only occur in individuals who are immune depressed. Infections due to any vaccine administration may occur if the pathogen is reactivated or if the recipient is immunocompromised. There are a number of complications in which mumps present with. , among them include inflamed pancreas, viral meningitis oophoritis, orchitis or even miscarriage if contracted during the first trimester of pregnancy. The society’s effort to ensure that there is good health is influenced by the activities of the public sector and private sectors to help prevent and treat various illnesses (Downs, John, 67).

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The public understands that the two doses of the mumps vaccine might not be enough to confer lie long immunity as it has been previously been. The mumps vaccine has been effective in the latter half of the twentieth century and has helped in ensuring that the health of the available population is maintained. The two-dose mumps vaccine turned out to reduce the incidences of mumps virus by ninety-nine percent. Vaccines normally involve the introduction of the attenuated forms of the virus into the body (Downs, John, 67). Mumps should be declared as public health agenda in areas that is affected by the disease. Declarations of the various problems as the public health agenda helps in the spread of information concerning the disease across the regions that are affected (Stavolone, Livia, and Vincenzo Lionetti, p 10).

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For example, the previous declaration of the infection of mumps as a public health agenda in India helped in the free education of almost the entire population on how best mumps problems may be solved. The population get to know about the infection through various channels including the social media platforms. The mumps virus is relatively common among the individuals who are immunocompromised. However, the incidences of mumps infections tend to be increased since 2006 following the rise in the incidences of the mumps outbreaks after every five years. Mumps diseases are caused mumps virus which is a negative sense single-stranded RNA virus. Mumps mainly affects the parotid glands and its infections are not localized. Through the body fluids, the virus may spread to other parts of the body including the brain and cause meningitis.

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