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In Europe, great powers like Austria, Saxony, Russia, Sweden, Hanover, and Prussia were also involved (Baugh 9). The war also involved overseas colonial struggles between France and Britain in areas like Africa and Asia. The result of the war was the signing of a treaty in Paris indicating that France would lose control of the all of Canada while giving Louisiana to Spain. Britain, on the other hand, received Canada and other French colonies overseas (Baugh 15). Importance of the Seven Years’ War Firstly, the aftermath of the war meant that the natives of Canada had titles or rights to own land (Baugh 19). Unification of Canada was also experienced through different communities coming together. The native communities in Northern America were always in wrangles with one another.

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After the British won, most of these communities came together and started living harmoniously (Baugh 26). As stated above, the communities began sharing cultures. This unity was instrumental in Canada’s progress in future endeavors. It was essential in the formation of Germany in the years that followed. After the war, Britain and France were the main colonialists across the world. Prussia, who had fought alongside the British, opted to get colonies of their own in different parts of the world. This, along other factors, was instrumental in leading to World War I (Baugh 29). The war, moreover, was significant as it led to the American revolution as Britain increased taxes on its colonies. This also meant that indigenous communities residing in Canada were allowed to own land.

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