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to look more ‘manly’, perform better in sports and even when training to help in fast recovery with the building up of muscles. Since the inception of the steroids, it was legal to possess them and even publicly use them, especially in the gym until the early 1970s where athletes started supplementing them in their sports activity. In the 1990s the use of steroids was considered felony and the US government started reinforcing the law of Steroid Control Act of 1990 (Yesalis and Michael pg. This law legislated officially criminalized distribution and possession of the drugs without a prescription for medical use. Anabolic Steroid Control Act – 2004 was also signed by the US president which stated that if found in possession of steroids would be considered a federal crime and severe punishment would be done to whoever breaks that law.

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It’s a capital offense to be found in possession of any type of steroid drug without legal prescription which will attract an imprisonment not less than two years and a huge fine depending on the law. A special registration has to be obtained in accordance with the law to anyone who is responsible for manufacturing, distribution, and trading on the steroids. More than 26 compounds related to anabolic were put under the Act of the controlled substance to enable understanding of the clear definition of steroids. Also, it was done to ensure that no anabolic steroid will be sold over the counter which was a mechanism by which many people used to obtain these drugs. These changes are outlined in a way to ensure that all the anabolic steroids are added in the Act.

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What will be the negative impact they will face? What about how they will react to that? The second dimension was how the policy will yield net social gain in a macroeconomic perspective and lastly the cost-benefit of the policy which analyses the possible outcome of the banning of the steroid drugs. Data was collected from the public and also from the Drugs Enforcement Administration(DEA) departments to weigh on how many steroid users were sentenced for the past ten years, how much the government was spending on them and also the economic impact it had to the US. Policy enforcement Being in possession or selling steroids without the prescription is illegal. The bill signed by the president in the year 1990 and also reinforced by the Act of 2004 sought to cater for the consequences of using this drug (Denham pg.

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17) Depending on the offense committed, the charges will vary from a maximum of one year and $1,000 fine would be imposed to first-time offenders and a maximum of five years imprisonment and $250,000 for trafficking the steroid drug. Also, its use by college students was rampant and was another target. Steroid traffickers were a target group since they transported and distributed the drug illegally. Challenges encountered Some citizens opposed the engagement by the government in investigating the use of steroids thus imposed a challenge in decision making by the public. Some baseball players used these drugs where a certain percentage supported this while the other percentage did not support its use. Also due to the future challenge imposed by the vice president, Joe Biden bulldozed the Act of steroid control through a Congress which surpassed it to be an illegal drug and had no reasons to be classified under that category (Denham, pg.

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Conclusion Solid arguments against steroid laws in the united states under the Controlled Substances Acts have been made which have little basis as any other drug law. Serious consequences can be experienced if one fails to comply with the law. The government should reinforce other steroid laws which will make it strict for the use and trafficking of the drugs since most of its impacts are the negative side. The law should not be changed in any way that will favor steroid usage thus it’s important to begin educating the citizens on the impacts, consequences and long-term effects of the steroid use in individual, society, and state as a whole. These will make the US a steroid drug free nation.

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