The stock prices and rationale

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The very first company the decision of buying some stock from is Microsoft Corporation (Lin, p. Since the decision made was to make an investment of $6,000, therefore the shares bought was 50 shares of the company. They were being sold at $115. 15 on June 18th, 2017. Figure 1 Month stock prices for Microsoft Corporation. $9,000 was put into the investment since the shares were selling at $163. 94 at the purchase date. The shares bought were 61 shares of the company. Figure 2 Month stock prices for Apple Inc. Retrieved from Yahoo Finance (2017) A decision was made of making investments on Apple Company it has been a very strong company. They were selling at $48. Figure 3 Month stock prices for Sony Corporation. Retrieved from Yahoo Finance (2017) The major reason for investing in this company which is an electronics company is that there is need to expand my stock.

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