The Value of Fair Treatment in the Workplace

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The federal discrimination laws are observed throughout all the phases of employment ranging from the job listing, the interview processes as well as job termination. The laws will be enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which investigates employee claims and complaints (Bloch 69). It is evident that in each and every American working society, there has been some form of harassment and discrimination. How Antidiscrimination Law Applies Employment discrimination will occur as a result of a job applicant or employee is treated unfairly in regard to their skin color, race, gender, national origin, age or religion. It is against the federal discrimination laws to discriminate or harass in any form of employment which means that workplace harassment and discrimination goes beyond the hiring and firing process as it can occur to a current employee (Glaser, 23).

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The best employees get a promotion. This is another area in which employee quotas are neglected and one will always get promoted on merit. In some instances, people will be promoted for being in a position for a long period even if they did not deserve the promotion. Some could also be promoted on the basis of their sexuality for gender balance. But by voluntarily prohibiting some forms of federal anti-discrimination laws such promotions can be minimized or dealt away with. Negative publicity may also arise in the cases where sex, age, and race have been used to determine the employees who ought to be promoted or during the process of interviewing and promotions. There will be widespread rumors of previous employee discrimination and harassment hence causing panic to the rest of the current employees.

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There will be the legal costs of running court cases as a result of discrimination and harassment. Those employees who have been harassed and discriminated have the rights of settling their grievances in the courts of law. There will be costs that the employer will incur during the court processes and if successful the employee could be required to get payment from the employer. In this case, there will be low productivity from the employee meaning that there will be a decrease in the organization’s income. There will be public negativity as the rest of the employees will be feeling that their roles in the organization will be threatened as well. Benefits and Costs Of Voluntarily Adopting Hiring And Promotion Practices Designed To Diversify the Workforce Diversity hiring has been seen as the new mode of recruiting employees for organizations.

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The workplace diversity will be characterized by factors such as culture, age, education, gender, employee status, national origin, function, physical appearance, religion, thinking style as well as sexual orientation (Inagami 122). Diversity has been used to embrace these differences within individuals by utilizing them for the betterment of the business organization. Ethical Issues in Workplace Diversity A large number of corporates and organizations have recognized the role of diversification in the workplace. There have been some ethical concerns that have arisen among these organizations though. Diversity hiring in itself has attracted criticism and skepticism by a score of individuals who see it as opposing equality. They have also seen it as a tool to neglect women as well as the minority from the workplace (Inagami 122).

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Within the real corporate world, the consequences of diversity hiring in organizations have been phenomenal. The development of diversity has been as a result of globalization that has brought about change in the growth of global and domestic markets. A retailer aiming to get maximum gains from the modern market should embrace diversity at the workplace as it will act as a footprint on which their business should be based. The strategy has been termed as corporates’ response to the invention of the already changing business environment. Just like any other business plans, diversifying the workplace will lead to the generation of benefits in the business. There will though be notable challenges just like any other business like incurring costs but with proper planning and implementations, costs can be minimized and eliminated.

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