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The “Frost” storybook was one of the longest novels of the author, Thomas Bernard. The novel “frost” has several themes in the entire story which contributes a lot to the work of literature. For example, throughout the novel, Thomas Bernhard’s employs the use of the theme of criticism in his entire work. Besides, the novel has other themes such as the theme of death, theme of darkness, theme of diseases, moral decay, theme of alienation and theme of corruption. Thomas Bernhard’s uses critical approaches to criticize Australian culture both western civilization and traditional culture. Thomas Bernhard's novel provides a moral a lesson to the society. Good morals are the primary objectives for each parent or teacher to his/her child.

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Thomas Bernhard novels “frost” plays an important role in ensuring good moral to students in their classwork and outside the school. The resistance of Thomas Bernhard against the community which he thinks was not created for them indicates a persistent intellectual power growing within the society to illuminate the society from the darkness. Thomas Bernhard attacks and highly condemns all forms of complacency, stupidity, and self-delusion. Corruption is the other theme evidenced in the storybook. For example, Thomas Bernhard’s himself his corrupt, this is because after Thomas Bernhard's discovering his nation his corrupt, he decides to be corrupt like the other citizens as the only way of fighting corruption in his society. Thomas Bernhard’s society is built in a rotten society characterized by corruption and greed.

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However, in somehow unconditionally, Thomas seems to be against corruption. This is evidenced by several rhetorical questions by Thomas Bernhard’s for example, “…why is Strauch…way he…?” Thomas Bernhard's thorough exploration of corruption in his novel, his novel can meet international standards of English literature world books. The other existing discussed theme in the novel, “Frost” by Thomas Bernhard that has invaluable addition to the course is the theme of dissolution and decadence. There are several activities and practices in the novel which shows dissolution and decadence theme in the storybook. Strauch is seen as disintegrating victim of the community which symbolizes approaching destruction. In the entire novel, nature is seen to have a major impact on forces of destructive.

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Nature dissolution has been contributed by decaying of village whereby the novel has been acted. This is due to various reason, for example, Thomas Bernhard has used comprehensive grammatical structures to predict any individual alienation through the novel. The well-structured grammar has been achieved through the use of various interesting and complex compound nouns and also by overblown with the comprising verbs effect which may end up losing their possibility. Furthermore, the other reasons for Thomas Bernhard's novel “ frost” recommendation to be used in institutions for learning world literature in English class are due to its appropriate use of stylistic devices such metaphors, symbolism among other stylistic devices. Thomas Bernhard’s in his novel uses repetitions of the number of oppositions and contradictions as a metaphor to enhance repression and isolation.

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