Theory to Life and How Human Being Came to Behave Under Certain Circumstances

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It evolves like a cyclical activity and to which each has a meaning depending on the impact or induction. Different theoretical frameworks have been identified to define and interpret the behavior in human life and to which seems to be the cause of certain aspects within the space. Different theoretical formulations have been developed and to which are all destined to define the theory to life and how human being came to behave under certain circumstances as discussed in the paper. Behavioral Theory Behaviorism The behavioral aspect of human being has been identified to possess the real deal of their learning and what they portray in their livelihood as they exist. The behavioral activities provide for a state of learning under which human being have evolved to develop alongside and to which their practice is entirely based on in their growth and development.

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The behaviorism theory provides for life to depend on the behavioral aspect towards the learning and development in life. Cognitive Theory Cognitivism Cognitivism is the study of cognition and to which appeared to develop in the mid 20th century in defining life theory or applications of life. Just like behavioral aspect, cognition is another factor that has a psychological anchoring and to which things get defined to identify the provisions of life. Cognition is the mental identification and remembrance of something on its happening or even after happening. It is that aspect that belief in the livelihood of people to have the option of being induced within a section to identify certain things in their own form or how they appear because of something.

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Cognitive development through different stages I the lives of an individual imply the different learning processes and what behavior to express in life. A person’s memory allows one to be able to practice or behave in a certain manner when exposed to certain situations in life. Memory and learning in life have to have a depending relation along each other in order to articulate and deliver upon the objectives. The essence of a working memory provides to store information in the short term while working on a certain provision. Life involves short term and long term activities and given the short term activities especially in learning have to depend entirely on the working memory. Social constructivism In all the applications of constructivism, it acknowledges the behavioral and cognitive development.

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Through constructivism, learning process involves both internal and external factors playing par and which help solve out the current behavior and expression in life. It is the exposure to different instincts that help identify and define life and the learning process based on those aspects. Humanism Transformative learning Humanism is an ideology that promotes the importance of needs and motivations of a whole person and hence providing a viable learning process. The application of humanism in learning provided for a healthy self-development and growth and which one needs to achieve in life. Interacting with others, exposing oneself to an environment, communication as well as other environment exposures serves to offer means of learning under which we can develop the knowledge about things.

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