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Thyroid medical conditions are mostly connected to dysfunction of the hormones that is an abnormality in hormone production. Excessive production of thyroid hormones necessitates hyperthyroidism while insufficient production predisposes one to hypothyroidism (Taylor et al, N. p). The conditions may be unpleasant and uncomfortable but in most cases, the problems can be effectively managed with timely and proper diagnosis and treatment are done. Indeed, timely treatment of the condition is quite advantageous and recommendable in order to avoid cases of cancer. Therefore, if the condition develops, the whole body begins to show health complications. Causes If the gland itself does not function adequately, then hypothyroidism finds its way into the body. Hypothyroidism is also caused by the inadequate functioning of the brain hormones and insufficient function by thyroid stimulating hormone.

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On the other side, hyperthyroidism is caused by excess secretion of thyroid hormones by thyroid tissues. Low level and excess consumption of iodine minerals into the body is also another cause. Blood testing reveals the possibility of overproduction and underproduction of thyroid hormones. Physicians take note of the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormones. If the production is inadequate, the stimulating hormones' level is observed to be very high while a low level is an impression of excessive production of thyroid hormones. Secondly, ultrasound and scanning methods are also employed in thyroid diagnosis. Ultrasound is used to determine the characteristics of thyroid nodules. However, in cases where the use of drugs cannot help, surgery and radioiodine treatment methods are applied. For example, Graves' disease, thyroid cancer, and goiter call for a surgery while radioiodine therapy is applied when a goiter is large (Jonklaas et al, 1670-1751).

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Prognosis Thyroid condition can occur in any age group. According to the British Medical Bulletin, a third of world's population is endangered by living in areas where iodine is rear. From a data taken from screening population samples from both the US and Europe, women are more prone to thyroid conditions than men. Index Blood testing, 4 blood-pressure control, 3 body-temperature regulation, 3 brain hormones, 3 British Medical Bulletin, 5 dysfunction, 5 dysfunction of the hormones, 2 Graves' disease, 3 health complications, 3 heart-rate regulation, 3 hyperthyroidism, 2, 3 hypothyroidism, 2, 3 irritability, 4 medical assumptions, 2 metabolic, 2 metabolic processes, 3 nervousness, 4 normal disorders, 5 over-performance, 5 predisposes, 2 Prognosis, 5 proper diagnosis, 2 proper medication, 5 radioiodine, 4 secretion, 3 symptoms, 5 Symptoms and Signs, 3 Thyroid, 2 thyroid disease, 2 thyroid hormones, 3 thyroid medical condition, 2 thyroid tissues, 3 thyroid-stimulating hormones, 4 Tumors, 5 ultrasound and scanning, 4 underperformance, 5 unexplained fatigue, 4 Works Cited "Thyroid Cancer - Statistics".

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