To what extents is resistance to liberalism justified

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The Front de Liberation du Quebec was a separatist paramilitary group that was seeking independence of Quebec, it was a militant part of the Quebec sovereignty. The group faced much resistance from the Canadian people and also the government as it was separating the country. There are various ways in which the group faced the resistance from its goal and also it got to react to the changes. Since the second war, most of the nations have broken the chains of slavery and oppression from their colonizers and now they live independently. Canada was one of the countries yet to enjoy the fruits of independence. Another movement that came up was Comite deliberation that preached violence as a way to attain political ends (DUERR, 2018).

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The events made the Canadian government face a hard time as they had to face various movements that had come up and protected the lives of people. Some of the people that were against the movements started peaceful protest among the groups as a way of ending the crisis that was happening in Canada. The government was trying to end the group strength but they faced many problems as there were some of the other groups that were formed in order to strengthen FLQ power. The groups such as ALQ and ARQ supported the movement of FLQ by providing them with guns and money. They tried to convince people that they were political, socially and also economically colonized. They also claimed that the colonist government was still controlling Ottawa in form of foreign trade, economy, defence, immigration among others.

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Another reason that made the FLQ group believe that they were still colonized is due to the change of language that was happening at a faster rate. Quebec which consists of French-speaking people had turned to an English province. Majority of the people had changed their accent and also the mode in which they were speaking. The anti-terrorism act was passed by the parliament in response to the attacks that had been made by the FLQ movement. The act was not so contained within the series of amendments as the other existing acts had. The changes that were brought out by the act are found in the criminal code. In the criminal code category, some of the factors that are contained in it are such as terrorist activity, types of conducts that are subject to the criminal sanction and the penalties involved in the crimes.

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Most of the people were comfortable with the law as they felt that their security was becoming hire and they could leave once with peace. The loss of lives and other effects that were caused by the war made Canada weaken in terms of economic growth and also the protection of the people. As a result, after the end of the war, terrorism became the biggest agenda for the American government and that of Canada. They both agreed to work together to ensure that they have eliminated any form of terrorism and protecting the two countries from any kind of attack. Various laws concerning the terrorism have gone through various changes. Some of the laws concerning the refugees between America and Canada also developed change.

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