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The trends in the building industry are based on building materials, durability, technology, and design. Historically great architects made a remarkable building design that remains new and relevant even to date. For decades, Featherston house located in Ivanhoe, Victoria is one of the greatest buildings in Australia. Robin Boyd designed the Featherston house in 19691. In addition, Fallingwater house is another building design by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934. Fallingwater house is listed among the 28 places to visit before you die in the world. In the year 1966 Fallingwater house was named a national historical landmark, 1991 was recognized by the Americans as their all-time best architecture in history, and recently in 2007, the building was ranked 29th on the American favorite architecture, in addition, is revealed on the use of materials in both buildings.

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Featherston house on the ceiling was designed with translucent material to allow penetration of soft light during the day and glass wall to provide additional light as well as serving as a view on the bush garden around the house. Kitchen, bedrooms, and family were located on their own zones within the same house while Fallingwater building which was built purposely for an escape of industrial smoke on weekends its ceiling was made of upside down t shaped beams that combined and integrated to form a monolithic slab. The materials were flexible and strong enough to allow compression during cold seasons. Featherston house its interior provides the best scenario ever with translucent ceiling illuminating living room. Clear glass walls providing additional light into the house and rooms appropriately located in different zones.

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