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My organization bases training on the newly hired employees whereby requirements like HIPPA, company programs, company background and federal or state requirements are included. When new employees complete the fast phase of training they are introduced to a specific training which is done by the training department in the company. This kind of training is however based on the kind of programs they will be undertaking or the basics of departments where they are likely to work. Each of the employees is trained on programs of the company regardless of the fact that they do not perform such tasks as a routine for each day. The training process consists of orientation which is scheduled to take a period of one day and classroom training which takes a period of two weeks.

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Focus Group Questions What was your biggest take away from the Onboarding/classroom training you received when you were hired? Was training boring to you? What do you think would have helped you retain more of the information presented in training? How do you believe that the training you received has helped or hindered your teaching?    Did you feel comfortable completing all required paperwork when you first completed training?   The main aim of selecting questions for a focus group would be to ensure that it is understood better ways in which training is viewed by the staff when they are newly hired and relating to their current productivity. A weekly meeting involving all staff would mark the completion of the required focus group selection whereby only the sampled employees would be present.

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