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However, confirmation of this research was done through statistical analysis. Methods Data were collected from the selected sample, and critical analysis was done by the use of an updated statistical package. Conversely, the categorical data was done some quick analysis using the chi-square test. However, the inferences indicated that the nominal variables constituted the typhoid disease and water sources. The research question was asking if there is an association between the village water and the typhoid disease Hypothesis: Accept the null hypothesis and conclude that there is no statistical association between the disease and source of water. This results indicated that there was a significant correlation between the water source and typhoid disease. However, there was no hindrance for the acceptance of alternative hypothesis, and therefore this was a good indication that there was a positive correlation between the village water and the typhoid disease.

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Conclusion The results clearly show that there was a close relationship between the water source and the outbreak of typhoid disease. Putting this under consideration, the villagers should be much concerned with the kind of water they consume and more importantly the primary source of that water so that they can be on the same side. Briefing noting Title: The outbreak of typhoid disease Attention: The executive Health Officer Background information There is a doubt that failure to diagnosis the typhoid disease can lead to death. First and foremost, the health sector needs to launch a campaign that can be used to create awareness for the members of the public to make them more concerned and careful about their hygiene. Most importantly,the health of children should be taken seriously to prevent them from getting into contact with the contsminated food and water.

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