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It comes into being when the audience meets the artist (Heathfield, 2004). There is an element of physical presence created by the artist. Ina case where there is no physical presence, the artist creates an environment where the audience experience the artwork in a particular space and time like the show being aired live to portray the physical presence element. The live art or entertainment is driven by different artists working in different forms, space and context to be able to open up new representation of ideas and strategies, new language and new artistic models for the entertainment industry (Heathfield, A. It is a description of strategy which includes the experimental practices and processes. There is a permanent band set always featuring live music to entertain the audience as they skate.

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The event is for the whole family. As the kids enjoy skating, the parents can enjoy the music from the live band and chocolate (Bell, D. It contains all people including those who do not know how to skate and wants to learn and those that are familiar with skating. Those that do not know are taught how to skate. By selling these tickets, the event is raising money for its revenue. The event also has skaters for hire where they hire them for $ 17 after every two hours for those who do not have at a price to generate income for them. Sponsorship and concessions are also available to help raise revenue for the event The Marketing Side of The Ice Rink How Does Ice Rink Market Its Shows? The event mostly take place during the holiday season.

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The marketing plan for the event includes, seeking marketing support from the Kent Messengers for local and Kent wide newspapers publicity, Broadcasting the event of local radio stations, production of flyers to be distributed to the local traders and through local leaflet drops and Promoting the event in the local schools and colleges. The event planners put post more postcards along the narrow, cobbled streets of the town to invite people to the event. It is normally organized by different organizations like the PWR events and the Royal Parks too. The event consists of many comedians taking turns in showcasing their talents and artwork to impress the audience. It features many forms of fun like funfair rides, games and attraction, German market, a circus, there is also the provision of food and drinks.

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The show kicks off at 9 pm and runs all the way to 9. 45 pm daily for the rest of the show. There are sponsors who are able to sponsor the shows and provide revenue for the show as well. They chip in to ensure that the show is conducted smoothly without any hiccups. Partnerships with other organizations also help the club to reduce the cost of the event. The show can manage to partner with other organizations either the energy drink company for the promotion. The show is attended by many popular comedians who have connections with dignitaries that are also able to support the show Marketing of The Comedy Club The comedy takes place at winters wonderland where so many activities are taking place including the ice skating hence any people are able to access the information and spread it to their fellow friends.

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et al, 2013). The event is being held annually and the kingdom has been receiving royal visits from Princess Beatrice. It is the biggest ice walk attracting many people from the young and now the grownups are being motivated to participate as well as. Operational Side The magic festival is produced by the Field Entertainment, Disney on ice. The show presents the Arctic Adventure taking adults and children to an adventure across the sea to a frozen island. Partnerships with other organizations such as the PWR events and Dimplex to raise the revenues. Magic ice kingdom has got different themes which they sell at a price to earn income. The show normally comes when children are out of school and hence selling the break pass which normally attracts more attendance from the family sector (Vogel, H.

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L. There are other people who do not want to spend the whole day at the show and hence the event planner sells the performance time to increase revenue. Conclusion Live art is or entertainment is good because it makes people break the boredom and have fun after having long days in different places. It helps in relieving one’s mind. There are different forms of live art or entertainment including dance, drama, music and acting. All these are meant to provide fun to the audience. At the back of every artist mind, there is the element of making money and so each and every one invests so much on the skills he/she has and make use of the time given to be able to make a revenue out of it.

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