Understanding contemporary organisational structures and design and value propositions

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For example, getting after sales services. An item that has value as a rule prompts consumer loyalty, which is the degree to which an item meets the taste and preference of the customer (Sarin, 2010). Differentiation likewise assumes a key part in focusing on customers since when an item is unique, it gives the buyers more value. Simply, product differentiation refers to transforming the product to look different from the others being offered by the other sellers. It can be done so by packaging or branding. The humanitarian duty expect that the organization is a good member of the country along with the external nature of the firm. Waste Gobbler has met this requirement by engaging in providing services that improve the welfare of the country in terms of environmental preservation.

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It is a requirement that the company considers the welfare of its employees and customers so that it preserves its reputation. Financial duty then again, guarantees organization's benefits through fulfillment of necessities and desires of their customers. Legal duty has to do with the way that the organization needs to play out its commitments inside the stipulated laws. CSR aims at grasping obligation regarding corporate activities and to urge a positive effect on the environment and collaborates. Proponents recommend that organizations can increase long haul benefit by working with a corporate social responsibility point of view, while critics contend that corporate social responsibility diverts business from adding value to the economy. With the developing significance of corporate social responsibility these days, a few governments or global affiliations have set rules to listed organizations on reporting CSR activities.

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Through CSR, Waste Gobbler Company has created a good reputation since it is now being recognized in the positive way as compared to other firms where bad reputation is displayed. This has helped the organization gain competitive advantage. In addition, image and value makes encourage innovation as is the case of Waste Gobller. Innovation then results to high quality products that meet the needs of the customers. For instance, a company with bad image to the public does not succeed in its business operations since the customers have negative attitude, a situation that makes the, to quit from shopping with it. This has helped Waste Gobbler become the preferred service provider in waste management. The company strives for continual innovation and development of technology, services and practices as part of its commitment to developing leading waste management and environmental solutions (Brønn, 2011).

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Implementing place into the marketing strategy is a tactical process. The process that takes the product out of the hands of the producer and provides means of various distribution to those who have the greatest need for the product (Walters, 2002). The company has ensured that its services are accessible to many people and this is an advantage to the employees. It operates a national network of unique collection, processing, treatment and landfill assets from over 200 regional and metropolitan locations. Waste Gobbler is an ASX listed company that employs over 5000 staff that manage and operate over 2000 modern operations vehicles carrying out thousands of services a day, to a diverse set of customers. The company has also worked on improving customer loyalty. One of the ways it has managed this is by always exceeding clients’ expectations with exceptional service.

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They offer unique services of high quality and good customer care services and this is the cause of its improvement and success in the market industry. As a way of marketing its services, the company has built a purpose-built hydrogenation plant to treat waste oil, to being the largest collector and processor of waste in the country. The company also educates children, through school programs, on the importance of sorting waste, to working with all our customers and communities on finding innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their waste management and make a sustainable future possible. doi:10. 1007/978-3-642-28036-8_214 Brønn, P.  S. Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility, 110-127. wiem05057 Walters, D.

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