Understanding Race and Medicine

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Racisms has turned out be a bigger menace to the society because a lot of individuals have been denied the freedom to access basic needs. The minority individuals form 12% of the total population as indicated in the figure below. One of the places whereby racism is evident is Medicare. A lot of individuals are being denied their fundamental right to access medical care as they belong to the minority race according to the Article Understanding Race and Medicine by Moses Velasquez-Manoff. It is clear from the author that racism has spread to various institutions. Therefore, I concur with the author that doctors should not ignore the issue of racial discrimination. Many people live which would be at stake due to racism will be saved when racism is not overlooked.

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It is true that racism is one of the most challenges facing the Untired states of America. The presence of racism has spread to all institutions of the government. Health centers is one of these places whereby there is a lot of racism happening. This issue is not correct according to the author of this article. Understanding race should go beyond genetics. A lot should be done so that the impact of racism on health can be determined. There is a lot negative impact of racism that the minority group experience. When these impacts are determined, it will provide the need to come up with measures that will help in reducing the number of racism cases. In this industry, the minority groups are being denied their right to get medical care.

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