Undocumented immigrants should be granted legal status and citizenship

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currently hosts about an estimate of 11 million undocumented immigrants. Deporting all these people is unrealistic and inhumane (Schuck, 2018). Most of these illegal immigrants are law- abiding, hardworking and tax- paying individuals who significantly contribute to the economic well-being of the nation. Several hundred thousand unauthorized foreigners continue migrating to America in every year. Over the past decade, the Congress has debated comprehensive immigration reform but has failed to enact former President Barack Obama’s three-pronged package on immigration: new and expanded guest worker programs, legalization for most unauthorized foreigners, and tougher enforcement against unauthorized migration. make up about 5. 3% of the country’s labour force. B. Illegal immigrants are important to the economy because they complement the local workforce with skills, bring diversity associated with development, and increase the economic activities of the nation.

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Complement the local workforce with skills a) Illegal immigrants are known to possess both skilled and unskilled labor that complements the local labor force. b) Granting legal status and citizenship to the illegal immigrants would mean increased demand for infrastructure and housing, which encourages the growth of business. The construction of these infrastructure and housing ensures improved living standards and growth of national economy (Lewis & Peri, 2015). The Fourteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution grants automatic “birth right citizenship” to the children born in American of undocumented settlers A. S. , they are protected by the universal birthright citizenship, and are not liable to their parents’ mistakes. The children of undocumented immigrants are protected by the universal birthright citizenship a) The universal birthright citizenship provides protection to all people born in a country.

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For this reason, all individuals born in the U. S. a) No person choses where to be conceived. If conceived in America to undocumented immigrants, then the child should automatically be a U. S. citizen. Tightening border security to prevent immigrants is ineffective and detrimental to the economy. Though, they consider this to be part of expenses incurred in carrying out business. c) Many of the immigrants moving to the U. S. are harmless to the security of the United States citizens. Most of them have a genuine intention of moving to the United States to find better livelihoods. b) In spite of the illegal immigrants destabilize borders security by illegally access the republic; they don’t implicate any substantial threats to national security to warrant very tight boarder security (Chris, 2017).

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c) Tightening the border security does not solve the problem of legal immigrants that come to the United States and overstay. In conclusion, Undocumented immigrants should be granted legal status and citizenship rather than being deported. There are millions of illegal immigrants who have lived in America for Decades, who work hard and pay taxes, which have bought homes in the country, and have American- born children, and make valuable community contribution. Undocumented immigrants have elicited debated and questions against and for undocumented immigrants have arose. Buzby, A. Locking the Borders: Exclusion in the Theory and Practice of Immigration in America. International Migration Review. Retrieved from: https://onlinelibrary. wiley. , & Peri, G. Immigration and the Economy of Cities and Regions. In Handbook of regional and urban economics (Vol.

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