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These choices are characterized by various advantages and disadvantages thus; causing debates between the three political sides. Even though economic factors are the major cause of such debates, political and social factors also significantly contributes to such arguments. On the other hand, the Congress might fail to grant Ricans opportunity to vote for the future relationship between the United States and the Island. Similarly, even if Ricans are given an opportunity to vote, they might fail to choose between the three following the consequences on the economy and socio-political developments. Introduction Puerto Ricans have been facing difficulties in voting the future of the Island relationship with the United States. Christine states that in the case of Commonwealth status, the Islanders would be recognized as US citizens though, the law shall prohibit them from having a senate.

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Furthermore, neither shall the Islanders have a voting representative nor vote during presidential elections. She says that according to the requirements of Commonwealth status, the Ricans would receive financial aids from the federal government though, their social welfare programs shall not be equal with those of the 50 states (Christine 12). Despite such limitations, Commonwealth status also grants various benefits to the Ricans. For example, the Ricans would be exempted from paying income taxes to the federal government and the potential investors in the Island would be offered federal tax incentives. According to the referendum, the Congress was responsible to take actions after the referendum (Eric 84). However, the bill died due to wrangles in the Congress over the federal budget. Erick also states that even though new bills have been introduced to debate whether the Ricans shall be granted opportunity to vote for their future relationship with the American citizens, the Congress still suspect that a similar battle just like the 1989 battle would occur.

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However, after the introduction of the bills, the Congress agreed that a staff member of the Congressional committee ensure that the referendum proposal is made to reality. Debates over the status of Puerto Rico Island have also resulted in political division among the Ricans. ” He adds that the question is not only about the issue of economic challenges but also the concept of civil rights is significantly essential. On the other hand, the minority group, which supports independence argues that Puerto Rico is a state where the inhabitants have their identical culture and nationality just like the other states in America. For example, Nigel, an electrical Commissioner of Puerto Rican Independence Party suggests that if the Ricans accept statehood, there would be the creation of a national minority group with a different language, culture, and literature (Rodriguez and Felix 41).

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Therefore, having ethnic minority group and nationality minority group would lead to detrimental effects on the Americans. Similarly, one of the staff members of the Senate committee argues that apart from economic issues, social and political issues propel the debates. This is because they find it difficult to choose from the choices given. In my opinion, I suggest that whether they hold a referendum or not, the problems of low living standards and low economic growth should be addressed since most of the Ricans are suffering as a result of poverty. Works Cited Agustin, Rodriguez. "The Last Caribbean Colony. " International Review, no.  2, 2007, p. Accessed 11 Apr. Christine, Graf. "STATEHOOD". " Puerto Rico's Uncertain Future. John, Mudo. "For the Control Board, Independence Is Key.

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