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Its core aim was to help young people become leaders through offering various programs that ensure they develop the appropriate skills required by the sport. USA Hockey was also geared towards promoting a lifelong love of the sport by creating connections and growing the game at every level. The organization concentrates on supporting and developing the grassroots hockey programs. Coaching certification program is one of the programs offered by the USA Hockey in its aim of creating young leaders and promoting the growth of the game in the United States. USA Hockey introduced the certification program in 1991 among many other programs such as adult ice hockey programs as well as junior hockey programs. A variety of changes are being done on the certification program to make it more appealing and attract many members across the country.

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The changes are aimed at improving the services provided by the program to ensure it produces certified coaches who are eligible. Creating better coaches is significant in promoting the growth of hockey in the nation since they facilitate production of better players and develop the sport in general. The introduction of online age-specific modules is a new feature for the 2017-2018 season, ("Coaching Certification", 2018). It requires that one must complete each module before participating with any team. After members are done with both the practical and theoretical course, they are assessed with a chosen hockey team. Practical assessment can also be done with other candidates on the course. After completing the course, one is awarded a Level 1 coaching certificate. In addition to the training for level 1 and level 2 coaches who have not taken the necessary modules are required to undertake an online age-specific training module, ("USA Hockey", 2018).

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The modules are taken specifically for the respective level of play that the coaches are coaching. Furthermore, coaches are also responsible for building discipline, passion, as well as confidence for a sport. They teach the importance of sacrifice, discipline, and teamwork in their squad which promotes the development of a disciplined team that understands the rules of the game, (Nash et al, 2014). Teamwork brings unity not only among the players but the fans too. When there is a high level of unity in any sport, it facilitates the growth and development of the sport since it attracts many players, fans, as well as coaches. Better coaches can be some of the most influential role models for a significant number of upcoming youth.

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First, one only requires registering as a member of the USA Hockey. The registration services are provided online on the portal of coaches on a yearly basis, ("Coaching Certification", 2018). After registration as a member, the person is required to find and register for the required certification clinic on the portal. The next step is to start attending the registered certification clinic, one clinic per season. The link for finding the current list of clinics is always provided at the portal. Due to such reasons, people find it a challenge to register for such courses since they are discouraged away. This slows down the growth of the program as it may not attain its target figure. Or it can slow down the whole process when members keep starting the modules again and again.

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Opportunities Opportunities include all the factors that the program can make good use of to facilitate achievement of its objectives. They present chances for improving and developing the program to be in a better position than before. The cost of registration for the certification clinics can be a challenge to many members willing to join the program. Many members are scared of such costs which require that you pay for each level. The coaching levels are also too many, and only one clinic certification is pursued at each level. This discourages many coaches since it takes a lot of time to complete each level. By the time you complete the fifth level, one would have taken a lot of time and spent a significant amount of money.

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The program provides coaching education including all the modules for the certification clinics to registered members through online services as well as practical lessons. After each level, the coaches are awarded the certification to proceed to the next level. The certification awarded corresponds to their level and area of specialization which allows them to coach players in their respective categories. Coaching certification programs are significant in any sport in a many of ways. Such programs lead to the development of qualified coaches who have a critical impact on the long-term growth as well as the success of the respective sports. Retrieved 26 April 2018, from https://www. usahockey. com/ Coaching Certification. Usahockey. com. , MacMillan, M. , & Stuart, M. J. Hockey Education Program (HEP): a statewide measure of fair play, skill development, and coaching excellence.

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